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What is meeting minutes?
Minutes are an official record of what took place at a meeting. For meetings such as Annual Meetings or Management Committee meetings, they are a legal record. Minutes are taken at a meeting in order to give those who were present, and those who didnít attend a clear, brief and accurate record of what took place and the decisions which were reached.

SME Consultants provide professional minute taking services for its clients across UAE, including public and private organizations, professional societies, associations and institutions.

SME Consultants tailors its professional minute taking services to meet the complex and varied needs of each of its clients. Whether preparing minutes for in person or teleconference meetings of the Boards, Councils, staff advisory groups or workshops of its clients, SME Consultants associates provide a clear, accurate and objective meeting record. Draft meeting minutes are emailed to clients within days, or hours, depending on their particular requirements. We save you time and effort by taking complete charge of the minute-taking process and making sure that a minute taker is present at every meeting. Our minutes are computer-generated, professionally edited.

The minutes we take are action-minutes; reporting Board action and direction so that you can easily scan the minutes to review the Boardís decisions and actions to be taken.

Our commitment to our clients is to deliver outstanding and consistent Minutes of superior excellence that outperforms the current industry standard.

SME Consultants was excellent in their service and communication, never raising expectations but factual and to the point during the whole process
SME Consultants never disappointed me. The best I like is SME Consultants promptness in replying. SME Consultants services are value for money
I would and do recommend SME Consultants to any one looking to set up a business in Dubai and also for people just looking for some advice.


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