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Strategic Business Development

Our strategic planning and business development consultants are experienced in strategic planning and business development and advise foreign business individuals and corporate clients on how to enter and position their brand in the UAE market.  

We believe developing a corporate strategy is not exclusive to large companies but small companies must also apply strategic management to achieve their set goals. The process of strategic analysis and strategic business planning is just as valid for small companies.

With our in depth market knowledge and by identifying and developing your organisations objectives we can allocate the resources necessary to implement the policies and plans and achieve the objectives.

We can provide support and guidance for the length of the project, from idea through to launch and sustainable success.  Our business management consultants will work with you to generate the business strategy and then put the strategic management processes in place ensuring that your product or service has the right backing, positioning and promotion for long term success and profitability.

Our targeted strategic advice is for
  • new businesses starting up
  • existing companies that want to grow
  • firms that have reached a plateau
  • businesses that want a high performing team
  • organizations that have decided to sell
Business development and strategic planning are inextricable. Business development is more project oriented whereas strategic planning is not a means to an end. Strategic plans are not set in stone, instead they are subject to refinement, due to changed circumstances.

Many thanks to the entire SME Consultants team for putting on such a great event...
(The work) is perfect. I am very impressed with your service.
SME Consultants are expert on advising and gives valuable feedback. They communicate well and are very client friendly. I would highly recommend SME Consultants to anybody who needs Business Services

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