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Abu Dhabi Visa

Clearance of transactions in government departments

Visit visa:

Visit visa for the companies:

  1. A colored picture of a passport valid for a period of months.
  2. Personal image - white background.
  3. Copies of the certificates.
  4. A copy of the passport card facility.
  5. Copy of trade license.
  6. Mobilization of demand in the printing office.
  7. Authorized the signing of the signature + stamp company.

Will be extracted in two days

Visit visa for relatives:

  1. Salary certificate.
  2. A copy of the employment contract.
  3. Picture may be the guarantor.
  4. Passport copy guaranteed + personal image of a white background.
  5. A bank guarantee worth AED 1000.
  6. The mobilization of a visa application in the Office of printing.

Will be extracted in two days

Note: the submission of applications to the Department of Naturalization and Residency - Abu Dhabi

Visit visa for the European nationalities:
Cities 30 days. Be sealed in the passport at the entry to the state and must leave before the end of 30 days.

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