Your decision of opening a medical clinic in Dubai is safe and sage! And it’s not hard to see why! A host of medical professionals from the world over approach us and express their interest in establishing a medical clinic in Dubai, UAE. If you also are looking to start a private clinic in Dubai, this page is for you. Here we have shed light on almost every aspect of medical clinic setup in Dubai, UAE.

Why Dubai for Medical Clinic Setup?

When it comes to hospitals and medical clinics in Dubai, the more the better. Need I mention why? I think not. So, if you are looking to enter the UAE healthcare industry by establishing your own hospital, dental care clinic, skincare clinic or medical clinic setup in Dubai from scratch then you can imagine yourself sitting in the lap of luxury because you’ve conspicuously chosen the most recession-proof and thriving sector of not just the UAE but the world. The number of patients at your door will never plummet in the wake of the exponential increase in population, hustle culture and the luxurious lifestyle that people are hankering after. Boasting the finest infrastructure and a wealth of possibilities, Dubai has carved out a whole zone for developing world-class medical facilities — the DHCC (Dubai Healthcare City) which is no less than a paradise for medical business owners. An outstanding all-inclusive free zone to launch a healthcare company or your private medical clinic in Dubai, Dubai Healthcare City will offer you the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with some of the world’s finest medical practitioners. To top it all, Dubai is the place where the number of healthcare facilities and professionals licensed by DHA has always been on an upward trajectory. Still, medical professionals or investors are recommended to conduct adequate market studies and consult with experts in the industry before setting up a medical clinic in Dubai or any part of the UAE.

Understand the Concept of Medical Clinic in Dubai

A medical clinic is an organised place where health-related amenities are provided including diagnostic, therapeutic, or preventive outpatient services. Usually, the term covers an exclusive medical teaching centre, including the hospital and the outpatient facilities. The medical care delivered by a clinic may or may not be linked with a hospital. The term clinic may be used to designate all the activities of a general clinic or only a particular division of the work. Case in point: psychiatric clinic, neurology clinic, or surgery clinic. The entire activity when associated with a hospital is generally called the outpatient department, and the characteristic subdivisions may be referred to as clinics.

Your Options for Medical Clinics in Dubai

Choosing the type of medical clinic in Dubai can be tricky at times as you have dozens of choices for your healthcare business setup, one more rewarding than the next. However, you may pick one, depending on your interest and market demand or simply consult one of thebest business consultants in Dubai such as Adam Global. Here is a list of common types of healthcare and medical areas and professions you might want to consider for your business in Dubai.

  • Outpatient care facilities
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Physicians
  • Hospitals / DSCs
  • Diagnostic centres
  • Hospital clinics
  • Public health clinics
  • Private clinics
  • Health centres
  • Polyclinics
  • Family planning clinics

Professional categories in the Dubai Healthcare Sector

  • Nurses and midwives
  • Allied Health
  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Traditional, Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Healthcare Activities in Dubai

Some popular healthcare business activities in Dubai, UAE you would want to carry out include:

Clinic TypeHealthcare Business ActivitiesExamples
Ambulatory CentresOutpatient servicesMinor surgery, wound care, physical therapy, etc.
Healthcare Investment Management FirmsFinancial advisory services for healthcare professionals in Dubai, UAEManagement of financial assets and investments of healthcare providers, hospitals and clinics.
Medical Professional Development Training InstitutionCoaching & training healthcare communityShort-term courses related to human resource training, social and behavioural training, professional development training, clinical skill development, etc.
Higher Education ProvidersEducating medical studentsJunior medical college, technical healthcare education firm, or medical university in Dubai.
Medical Publishing HousePublishing healthcare material covering healthcare professionals and studentsvariety of formats such as medical journals, clinical research papers, databases, online content, and medical books.
Non-Profit Healthcare OrganizationNon-profit medical servicesMedical clinics for disadvantaged or needy people across the country.
Healthcare Consulting FirmsSharing expertise, giving advice, and guiding healthcare organizations to make business decisionsFull or part-time positions for healthcare organizations, hospitals, or firms, or be self-employed.
Private Clinics and HospitalsHigh-quality healthcare services and individual patient careHospitals and medical clinics for all kinds of patients including privileged and insured ones.

How to Open a Medical Clinic in Dubai?

When it comes to the healthcare industry and the people who work in it, the UAE has enforced absolutely demarcated regulations to make it easier for investors to set up healthcare businesses in Dubai without encountering any difficulties.

What are the Documents & Requirements for Medical Clinic Set Up in Dubai?


Medical professionals in Dubai must obtain their license through Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Doctors in Dubai must obtain specific licenses from DHA depending on whether they are interns, general practitioners, specialists, consultants or resident doctors. Similarly, dentists must obtain specific licenses from DHA. Nurses too are required to acquire their license from DHA. It is to be noted that even TCAM practitioners (Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine) in fields of Ayurveda, homoeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, Unani medicine etc. are obligated to attain the required license from DHA. Furthermore, the applicant must hold a medical degree or employ a director with the appropriate qualifications in order to open a private clinic in Dubai. All personnel at all levels must also be fully certified in the UAE. Besides, the international diplomas are not sufficient in the UAE. Doctors or nurses are subject to the procedure of certification in the UAE, with the possible need to pass local exams. Apart from that, all the certified medical personnel must know English.
As to the premises for clinics or medical offices, there are very strict requirements in terms of the size, finishing, utility areas, equipment, etc. Besides, each type of medical institution has its own requirements. For example, required facilities are different even for dental clinic and dental polyclinic.
For this reason, opening a clinic or any other medical institution in another format in the UAE requires considerable training and sufficient financial reserves. Besides, it is required to obtain all the possible approvals and certifications. Let’s have a look at some more prerequisites for setting up a medical clinic in Dubai, UAE.

  • The medical clinic founder must possess a medical degree or appoint a Medical Director (MD) to open a private clinic in Dubai. The owner’s NOC is required for the same.
  • Information regarding MDs and health professionals.
  • Issuance of DHA license – Visit the official website of the DHA and generate an account. Apply for the DHA license. Submit the information regarding the healthcare personnel who are employed in the clinic. The DHA issues the license after scrutiny of all the documents and approvals.
  • A lawful medical certification from an international organization or the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). If the individual does not have a medical degree and certification, they can hire a Medical Director to oversee your company’s medical operations. Approval of all licenses acquired from the Department of Health and Human Services. These licenses vary for resident physicians, student interns, trainees, specialists, and general practitioners, among other categories of medical professionals.
  • Passport copies along with tourist visa/entrance stamp page copies of the applicant and all other participants, including business partners, the local agent (if hired), and the medical director. In contrast, the applicant may submit the resident visa page together with a copy of their Emirates ID, a Memorandum of Agreement signed by all of their expatriate partners, and the name of the local agent, as well as the nature of the medical activity chosen. One might want to, for example, open a private clinic in the areas of urology, cosmology, obstetrics or dentistry among others. Check out our comprehensive guide on starting a dental clinic in Dubai
  • Trade Name Reservation certificate approved by Dubai DED
  • The DHA agreement signed by the owner
  • Proof of plan approval
  • Affection plan disseminated by Dubai Municipality
  • A professional license granted by the Department of Education (DED)
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Building lease agreement
  • A copy of the initial approval from Dubai DED


Note: The DED approves the requested business license only after strictly reviewing the submitted documents. Any discrepancy in the documentation can lead to delay in license issuance. This is where you may engage Adam Global medical clinic setup experts in Dubai and increase your chances of license approval.

What is the Cost of Setting Up a Medical Clinic in Dubai?

Starting a medical clinic in Dubai has been simplified by the emirate’s cost-effective healthcare model and inviting regulatory environment. The cost of setting up a medical business depends on a variety of factors including the minimum capital required and the choices you make during the course. It can spiral up in a heartbeat if you don’t know the process and your options to cut down on setup costs where an expert in the field can help. However, it is safe to say that the overall cost of starting a medical clinic in Dubai cannot be less than 80,000 AED including license registration & approvals fees, UAE national agent fees with corporate PRO Services and DHA approval fees MOHRE & immigration registration fees i.e., around AED 12,500, AED 10,000 and AED 15,000 and AED 1,750 respectively. Not to mention the rental costs of the medical premises and visa costs.

Additionally, the minimum capital requirement for commercial medical settings and limited liability firms (LLC) in the DHCC free zone is no less than AED 50,000. However, for opening a branch office of a medical company in Dubai, there is no such initial capital requirements.

There are many perks to establishing a medical clinic in a DHCC-free zone. You will be free from corporation tax, customs duty, and other taxes, which will provide you with tax advantages. As a result of the low operating expenses, you will have access to world-class medical infrastructure. Furthermore, you will get a 100% business acquisition.

6 Steps to Open a Medical Clinic in Dubai?

How to Open a Medical Clinic in Dubai?

6 Steps to Open a Medical Clinic in Dubai?

If an individual wants to set up a medical clinic in Dubai, they must obtain a Professional license from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) as it falls under the category of LLC Company formation in Dubai. One who holds a Professional license can employ a limited number of workers who will also be covered under the professional license. And the best part is, now it is possible to get 100% ownership of your mainland medical clinic in Dubai without involving even a national/local service agent (NSA or LSA) which was mandatory until June 1, 2021. Now a voluntary choice, NSA in UAE is hired to facilitate the business owner to execute administrative procedures with the authorities. The person does not intervene in the company’s operations and charges a very accessible and honest remuneration for his services without having any stake in the business ownership. Finding a reliable LSA was a task for most entrepreneurs earlier and now that the step is no longer obligatory, the process of setting up a mainland healthcare company in Dubai is easier and swifter. However, setting up a medical clinic in Dubai requires lots of approvals from various departments, which can trouble entrepreneurs who are inexperienced in UAE health law. DHA also has different licenses for alternative professionals like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture to name a few. To cop it sweet, you may wonk with an expert Dubai medical clinic setup service provider.
Whether you choose to DIY your medical clinic setup in Dubai or outsource the entire process right from beginning to end, knowing the procedure is extremely helpful. Here’s your step-by-step guide for establishing a medical clinic in Dubai.

Step#1. Trade Name Reservation or Trademark Registration

Decide a name for your medical establishment in Dubai which is in line with the trade name laws and regulations set out by the United Arab Emirates government. Submit an online application to the Department of Economic Development (DED) with at least three desired business names to reserve the most suitable one and wait for approval.

Step#2. Obtaining Preliminary Clearance (Initial Approval)

To attain initial approval from the Dubai DED, you must submit all of the papers listed in this section. In addition to the required papers, a comprehensive business plan must be submitted to the Dubai Municipality in order for the proposed speciality clinic to be granted permission.

Step#3. Acquiring Approval from the Department of Health & Human Services

Once you have got permission from DED, you must seek permission from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHA) to open your private clinic or hospital in Dubai. Thus, you must submit an application to the DHA for a licence along with a feasibility study for your clinic/business plan.

Step#4. Submitting Supporting Documents with Professional Licence Application Covering the Intended Economic Activities

Submit all of the required documentation with the application to the relevant authorities in order to acquire your speciality clinic registered. Do not forget to double-check all the information furnished to avoid any undue delays.

Step#5. Getting Final Approval from the Dubai DED

The NOC, your building contract, a list of medical directors and healthcare experts, and a copy of the DED’s first permission document are all required in order to complete this process successfully. In addition, you will be required to pay a registration fee in order for the DED to grant your trade licence after all permissions have been received.

Step#6. Apply for a DHA Medical Licence

Create a user ID on the DHA portal in order to acquire your clinical licence from the Department of Health and Human Services. Upload the names and contact information for any medical consultants and other experts that work for your company, as well as your affection plan, leasing agreement, and other documents. After all of your papers have been thoroughly reviewed and confirmed, you will be granted permission to open your speciality clinic in Dubai.


How long does it take to open a Medical Clinic in Dubai?

According to estimates, the whole procedure might take more than 40 days.

Difficulties in Starting a Medical Clinic in Dubai

It’s no secret that setting up a medical clinic in Dubai is a lot of work – from choosing the location to obtaining approvals to paperwork and legwork. The healthcare industry itself is complex, with hundreds of laws, policies, and regulations, a wide range of potential professions and jobs, and daily advancements in diagnosis, treatment, and medication. Another challenge is not just incorporation but running a medical facility can be an expensive affair. Patients in Dubai want all-wool-and-a-yard-wide service and healthcare professionals must be equipped to be able to meet their expectations and retain them by implementing the latest and pricey equipment and techniques from time to time along with skilled staff and by hiring more workforce in every department including customer service, operations and marketing which simply means the business needs a fortune.

  • Setup cost is tremendous
  • The setup process is time-consuming
  • Licencing process can be overwhelming
  • Completing paperwork as required
  • Seeking additional approvals for adding specific activities to the same professional license such as establishing various laps for diagnosis
  • Requirement of various approvals (vary from activity to activity though)
  • Finalising the perfect location for the medical clinic setup
  • Fitout work of the clinic and installing medical equipment
  • Finding a reliable local service agent (optional tho)
  • Appointing a designer and receiving layout design for the clinic
  • Being able to provide prompt and high-quality services
  • Dealing with patients’ health insurance providers
  • Lack of time and expertise in medical marketing (You want to spend your workday helping patients, not focusing on marketing tasks.).
  • Minimal work-life balance.
  • Maintaining cash flow.
  • Hiring the right workforce.
  • Patient retention.

However, there is a foolproof way to overcome all these stumbling blocks on your way – outsourcing. Working with an experienced medical setup consultant in Dubai can make your doctorpreneurial journey a whole lot easier.

Get in Touch for Professional Assistance

Opening a medical clinic requires you to acquire the necessary permissions from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Department of Economic Development (DED) before proceeding which can be time-consuming and make you jump through several hoops.

Hiring a one-stop corporate service provider in Dubai such as Adam Global can make a huge difference though. Adam Global company setup advisors in Dubai not just will assist you to obtain the DHA and DED licenses for your speciality clinic in the UAE but also help you take big and small decisions which will be with you forever and a day such as choosing a location, finding a DHA-approved layout designer, etc.

Book your free consultancy with one of our best medical setup experts in Dubai to know how. Or dial +971 56 501 4164 to directly speak to one of our most experienced medical clinic setup specialists in Dubai.

Disclaimer: Please note that this information should not be considered the ultimate guidelines, and one should consult with our experts for advice or assistance.