The UAE’s efforts to diversify its economy from oil trade to a variety of private sectors have encouraged some of its adept residents to pursue business opportunities from the comfort of their homes. Home-based businesses have become some of the simplest, most affordable, and safest ways to generate income. One of the main benefits of working from home is not having to spend resources setting up an office in Dubai.

The home business license (also known as Abu Dhabi Trader License / Bashr) offers you:

  • An establishment card from the FAIC
  • Membership numbers in both the Chamber of Commerce & Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE)
  • Ability to hire employees, up to 3 work permits will be available
  • Renewal of commercial / trade license for over 1000 commercial activities
  • Trade name registration

Is the home license limited to Abu Dhabi?

Fortunately, it is not limited to Abu Dhabi, the license extends to Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, Dubai, and Sharjah. Soon, it will also be introduced in Umm Al Quwain and various UAE free zones. However, the license was originally introduced and issued by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED).

How do I attain the home business license?

You will be required to submit:

  1. Your valid Emirates ID + your partner’s Emirates ID
  2. Valid UAE Pass account
  3. UAE Pass digital signature
  4. Company information, investor details, address, trade name
  5. 1-2 years to submit a tenancy contract to DED
  6. Change of visa status to investor residency within 60 days of license issuance (for expats only)
  7. NOC from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) in case of employment/housewife status (for expats only)
  8. Local partner with drafted, signed, and approved Memorandum of Association (for expats only)

Dubai Business Advisors will help you gather and arrange all required documents with our specialized PRO services.

Which legal structure will the license have?

The home business license’s offered legal structures are either Sole Establishment (UAE Nationals only) or a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the case of expats who must have a local sponsor. If you have a current business trade license, Dubai Business Advisors will help you renew or modify it according to the new home license.

What is the fee structure?

  • For expats starting an LCC, the fees will be approximately 6000AED*.
  • For UAE Nationals, the fees will approximately be 700AED*.

Contact us to get a quote with the exact pricing for your home business.

Which activities are available for home businesses?

There are over 1200 business activities available under the home business license / Bashr, you can get in touch with our advisors to verify the eligibility of your activity.

Here are some of our suggestions for starting a home-based business:

  1. Fashion Boutique

In Dubai, branded clothing and accessories are always in high demand. Understanding market trends and finding a cost-effective supply chain is a sure-fire way to maximize your profit margins.

  1. Tutoring (teaching)

Having a skill or expertise in any field can be offered as a service to those wishing to learn. Whether it is the ability to play a musical instrument, instruct yoga, or provide business coaching – you determine the value of your service!


  1. Becoming a Social Media Influencer / Video Blogger (Vlogger)

In the age dominated by social media, some of the most successful businesses influence users to purchase sponsored products and services. Your success is determined by your ability to engage and attract a large number of followers consistently. Influencing to buy on social media is a delicate process, your content should not feel like an advertisement, this is key to maintaining the trust of your audience.

YouTube is renowned for the success of thousands of vloggers around the world. YouTube is a medium for either education, reviews, or entertainment – if you have what it takes to engage and attract viewers, this business is for you.

We can provide you with a Social Media Influencer License, you can send an inquiry for more details.

  1. Web Design & Development

If you are a computer wiz, you can put your coding skills to the test by freelancing as a web developer and graphic designer! You will need a keen eye for design, social media mastery, and a neat portfolio showcasing your abilities.

  1. Freelancing

We have written a blog about the variety of services that you can provide with a freelancing license! This is a popular choice for skilled individuals looking for a more flexible work schedule. Freelancers will always have a high demand from corporations and SMEs in the UAE.

  1. E-Trading (eTrading)

In 2017, the DED introduced the eTrader license, allowing GCC Nationals & expats to sell products through social media networks such as Facebook, and online marketplaces such as Amazon or Souq.

E-Trading is a legal way to sell online, customers trust eTraders, and these sole traders are protected with LLC status, a registered trade name, and intellectual property rights.

DBA will assist you in setting up your home business or receiving the most affordable freelancer permit!

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