Live life, Sheikh size! With a UAE golden visa! Yes, UAE Golden Visa is the key that opens the treasure trove brimming with benefits and perks, that can be a treat to your senses. And one of them is Esaad Card, which was exclusively launched for government employees in March 2017 but now is offered to Golden visa holders in the UAE as well. The card is a hot offering to make its users feel privileged. As we are sure before applying for the UAE Golden Visa you might have explored the advantages that come with it and are curious about Esaad Card the moment you stumbled upon it, we’re breaking down all your burning questions.

What is Esaad Card?

We’re going to set the stage by telling you that the UAE government keeps releasing policies and initiatives to make their citizens’ and residents’ life easier in the Emirates. Esaad Card is one of those social initiatives set in motion to charm individuals who are working in government institutions in the UAE. The idea came from the General Directorate of Dubai Police which was precisely executed for government employees with an aim to intensify employee loyalty, raise the quality of life, and ensure employee delight. However, Golden Visa holders in the UAE are also eligible for the card after Dubai Media Office announced that Golden Visa holders in Dubai will be gifted the much-coveted Esaad privilege card. The privileges extend to the holders’ first-degree relatives. The loyalty program is tied up with a multitude of brands that offer huge discounts to card users.

Fun facts about Esaad Card

  • Esaad Card is free and valid not just across all the emirates of the UAE but over 92 countries worldwide
  • Not just the physical outlets, but the Esaad Card can be used online as well for shopping
  • Customers can make complaints and suggestions on Esaad website
  • The Esaad Card is exclusively for the UAE government employees and their first-degree family members, however the UAE nationals who work in private sector can enjoy almost similar benefits with Absher Card
  • The card comes at no charge to holders of 5-year and 10-year Golden Visas in Dubai
  • At present, Esaad cardholders can enjoy a wealth of offers and discounts at 7,237 brands and businesses within the UAE and across the world
  • The Happiness Card covers a wide array of hospitals and pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, apparel brands, beauty salons and many more where users can avail of great discounts

Who all are eligible for Esaad Card?

  • All UAE government employees under the General Directorate of Dubai Police
  • Military and civilian retirees from the government and private sectors jobs
  • Disabled and senior citizens
  • Select categories of Golden Visa holders in the UAE – Investors in public investment funds, Real estate investors, Entrepreneurs, People with specialised talents and researchers in science & knowledge, such as scientists, doctors, specialists, inventors, Creative people in culture & art, Executive directors, Specialised academics, Professional sportspeople, PhD degree holders specialising in engineering or science, Outstanding university and high-school graduates and humanitarian aid workers
  • The first-degree relatives such as spouse, parents and children of the Esaad cardholders

What are the benefits & offers of Esaad Card

The users of Esaad card can relish a cartload of exclusive benefits and discounts across various sectors as mentioned above and below.

  • Health-related services (573 deals)
  • Restaurants and entertainment (452 deals)
  • Malls and Retail stores (392 deals)
  • Family services (280 deals)
  • Education (258 deals)
  • Residential (193 deals)
  • Automobiles (153 deals)
  • Travel and Tourism (146 deals)
  • Public services (127 deals)
  • Online shopping (76 deals)

Esaad card offers for jewellery & accessories lovers

  • Joder House of Diamonds (76% off)
  • Mahalatti Jewellery (75% off)
  • Citizen Watches (50% off)
  • Albait Al Khaleeji Perfumes (25% off)
  • Gulf Optic (35-55% off)

Esaad card offers for travellers & wanderlusts

  • Fly Dubai (25% off)
  • Avani Palm View Dubai Hotel & Suites (25% off)
  • Flynas (20% off)
  • Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah (20% off)
  • Etihad Airways (15-20%)

Esaad card offers for hotel enthusiasts

  • Habtoor Palace Dubai (50% off)
  • Kempinski Palm Jumeirah (50% off)
  • V Hotel (50% off)
  • Fairmont Bab al Bahr Abu Dhabi (35% off)
  • Grand Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel (35% off)

Esaad card offers for foodies

  • Al Faris Floating Restaurant (50% off)
  • Chill Out Ice Lounge Dubai (35% off)
  • Rhain Steakhouse (35% off)
  • Chamas Brazilian Restaurant At Crowne Plaza (35% off)
  • Al Fresco Restaurant At Crowne Plaza (30% off)

Esaad card offers for entertainment

  • Weyyak (87% off)
  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo (50% off)
  • Dubai Dolphinarium (50% off)
  • Ekart Zabeel (50% off)
  • Digit (50% off)
  • Byky Sport and Leisure Equipment Rental (20%-50% off)

Esaad card offers for healthcare

  • Hellenic Dental Clinic (50% off)
  • Dr Jasnas Ayurveda Clinic (40% off)
  • Adam Vital Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (30% off)
  • Glamour Care Clinic Jumeirah (20% off)
  • Canadian Hospital in Dubai (10%-30% off)

Esaad card offers for students or college goers

  • Canadian University of Dubai (20% – 80% off)
  • Jumeira University (30%-75% off)
  • British University in Dubai (10%-70% off)
  • Woodlem Park School (30% off)
  • The Fifth Dimension Elementary School (25% off)
  • Middlesex University Dubai (20% off)

Note: Users may check the discount list on the Esaad website for updated details and save a fortune.

How to register for Esaad Card?

ESAAD members must be registered to claim the benefits. Here’s the step-by-step Esaad Card registration process for individuals and companies:


  • Visit the official Esaad website
  • Follow the registration link to proceed
  • Provide your personal details, including your Emirates ID
  • Enter your email ID and contact number
  • Submit the application after entering captcha


Businesses that are interested in offering Esaad membership to their employees should access the Company Registration link, pop up the form placed at the top part of the Esaad website and complete the following requirements for Esaad registration:

  • Valid trade licence
  • Offer duration not less than one year
  • Discount percentage not less than 30%, variable to change according to organization activities
  • Attach the company logo and detailed list of prices before and after discount, and also owner’s passport and Emirates ID
  • Offer is applicable to all branches inside and outside of country
  • Application must be submitted in Arabic and English with detailed contact information
  • Attach image of the company and details in Arabic and English
  • The company’s commitment to provide statistics on the number of beneficiaries with the Esaad card and the total financial value of the discounts during the contracting period before the end of December

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