10 Most Profitable Business-Opportunities-in-Dubai-for-2022

10 Most Profitable Business Opportunities in Dubai for 2022

A business could have social, human, national, and global objectives. Okay, let’s talk turkey. Earning a profit is the one and only economic objective of a business. Profit is the lifeblood of business and no business can survive without it in a competitive market. In fact, profit is the fuel that keeps the wheels of business in motion. There is no harm if you are looking for business opportunities in Dubai with Midas touch. Especially when Expo 2020 Dubai is working as a giant magnet for visitors and budding entrepreneurs from the world over. About three million visitors including over 100,000 school children have visited the grand exhibition since its opening. Let alone the 14.8 million virtual tours so far. This is the golden period for every aspirant to fulfil their Dubai dreams. So, if you are the aspiring entrepreneur who is looking out to earn a fortune without greasing their elbow much then keep scrolling to learn the top 10 profitable businesses to start in Dubai, UAE.

Handyman Services/Maintenance

A handyman is capable of performing a wide array of tasks including repairs and installations, woodworking, painting, and renovations. Those little jobs that keep the big things intact. The simple-looking complicated works that others simply don’t have the time or penchant to do. Be it business owners, professionals, real estate owners, or busy bees in Dubai, no one can do without contacting the maintenance firms keeping the fact in mind that the “throwaway generation” doesn’t exist anymore. Setting up a maintenance business could be your best bet if you consider yourself as a jack-of-all-trades and don’t mind getting your hands dirty. And now when Dubai is bulging at seams with expats is the right time to get into the handyman service business. To provide handyman services in Dubai, UAE you need a maintenance license in UAE.

Gadget/Auto Repair

Today’s generation is happy to repair rather than replace their troublesome laptop, a troublesome car, or a faulty kayak giving way to new ventures with expert repair professionals. Maybe the environmental concerns or cost-cutting reasons, the repair industry in Dubai is at high tide over recent years. Opening a gadget repair shop (online/offline) can be profitable for you.

People these days especially after the pandemic and lockdowns do not shy away from making use of what they already have with a little fine-tuning or repair. In addition to that, increased use of personal vehicles over public transport recently and lower fuel price guarantee huge profits for your automotive repair business in Dubai.


We can’t deny the fact that the pandemic has given wings to the e-commerce industry. What was a need of the hour during lockdowns has now become the want. The flexibility of ordering goods and services with one click has turned out to be attention-grabbing. As a foreign investor, you can open any type of – commerce company in Dubai as it has many benefits. Our favourite one is – No reach limitations. Keeping the exponential growth in the industry in view, it is safe to say that starting an e-commerce business with an objective to serve the regional, national and international market can yield an entrepreneur serious profits and quick fame.

Freelancing Consultancy

Another innovative business that is highly in demand during these turbulent times is the freelancing business. Not only it could flood you with huge profits but also you can execute this business from the comfort of your home. And the best part? It won’t break the bank. The concept of freelancing lies in commercial assignments provided as projects advocated by a defined sum of money and duration. For initiating and operating your freelance business legally in Dubai you are required to acquire a freelancing license.

Recruitment/Placement Agency

Every business organization needs human capital to run its day-to-day operations successfully and to meet the needs of its customers. And that’s what keeps recruitment agencies always in demand. Moreover, the job market in Dubai is also picking up after a severe global crisis. Companies are bringing people back and looking towards hiring agencies to fill up the positions as soon as possible to stay in the competitive market. Plus, the continuous rise of the business entities and in every domain needs specialized people to stand out in the crowd. HR Professionals who have always been dreaming of opening their own recruitment firm now is the time for you. And the joy of joys is that you can open the agency online as well with very little investment, provided you have the right set of employees to do their jobs remotely.

Jewellery Business

A jewellery store in Dubai is sure to be bustling with tourists of any nationality regardless of the season. The Emirate’s retail jewellers cater to buyers from over 180 nationalities, expatriates, and tourists. Do we need to mention that why commencing a jewellery business in Dubai, the’Mecca of Gold’?! Dubai is popular in the world for its best-quality gold and diamonds. Buying gold from Dubai is popular amongst expats. Purity, affordability, variety, price stability, bargaining opportunity are the major culprits. Therefore, opening a jewellery store in Gold & Diamond Park, Gold Souk or Meena Bazaar is a business idea you will never regret. The only downside of the business is that it could cost you the earth initially but it’s way more profitable than you can imagine. Besides being a jewellery merchant you can also set up a shop either as a jewellery maker or factory as a bead or other jewellery supply manufacturer or wholesaler.

Real Estate

The re-awakening of Dubai’s real estate market after covid is not hidden from anyone. Home to world-class infrastructure and breathtakingly gorgeous monuments, Dubai has a leading real estate industry involved in developing its housing, industrial, and logistical areas. The real estate industry in Dubai was also hit hard during COVID-19 like aviation, hotel, and tourism. But now that Dubai’s economy is bouncing back from the brutal pandemic you have endless business opportunities revolving around commercial and residential properties. With global events happening in the city like Expo2020 and IPL2021 and new projects coming up every day, getting into a real estate business in Dubai can sure make you big bucks.

Document Attestation

Next up on our list of profitable business opportunities in Dubai is documentation or attestation service. Let’s face it! Dubai is a city of dreams! Most visitors come to Dubai either for a job or to set up a new venture. Many of them (I think all of’em!) are not apprised of the legal formalities that shall be undertaken to start working or register their business here and look for documentation specialists. This is where documentation or attestation service comes into the picture, and it becomes also deemed as profitable in the UAE market. If you as a legal professional have been dealing with the clearance of document attestation, you can open your own business in Dubai today when Dubai is brimming with job and business opportunities.

Bakery / Cake Shop

People will keep celebrating their special occasions and eating cakes! We can’t imagine a celebration without a cake, be it a welcome party or farewell, housewarming or engagement ceremony, birthday or wedding! If profit-making is your ultimate goal that too in the sweetest way, then consider trying your hands at the bakery business. Dubai is just the right place for you to encash your cake-making passion. As even the cake lovers in Dubai are too busy to bake themselves and expatriates deprive of buying requisites required to bake a cake. The sky is the limit for cake-loving entrepreneurs when it comes to flavours. So, if you are a cake lover (like me!) and want to start your cake boutique then do not give the idea a second thought. After all, who doesn’t love cakes! Your bakery is sure to be decked up with people with a sweet tooth or two. Make sure to apply for a local license to operate your bakery business in Dubai.

Cleaning Business

Cleaning business service turns out to be another profitable business in Dubai that you can focus on. The cleaning & hygiene industry is making a huge splash and has minimal up-front and no operating costs during the initial phase and can get into operating mode right after the launch. Being a highly required option for the residential and commercial spaces in Dubai, cleaning service is a very remunerative business for budding entrepreneurs as it can scale up from one-person operations to multi-million national chains, making it easier to establish a cleaning company in Dubai. Business units need daily cleaning services, and thus, they look forward to partnering with agencies that provide cleaning services with superior quality. With a cleaning company license (in accord with the domain you choose – industrial, residential, or commercial), you can start your cleaning company in Dubai.

Your Business Set-up Consultant

Now that everything is resuming, good things are in the offing. It’s not difficult to fathom that why Dubai is teeming with so many business opportunities. Real estate, virtual law firm, hotel, daycare, laundry, healthcare & wellness, car cleaning… Every industry in the Emirate is in for the roll, you just name it. Being one of the most profounding grounds for budding entrepreneurs, Dubai attracts aspiring entrepreneurs like you to set up a new business and contribute to the nation’s economy by creating job opportunities for people visiting Dubai with a hope to settle down here. Reach our professional consultants and business advisers if you have any questions about how to start or expand your company in Dubai. We are happy to help no matter what your budget is!

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