7 Smart Business Ideas In Dubai For 2022

Dubai, a Land of Opportunities

Sparkling harbours, mesmerizing beaches, and swoon-worthy skyscrapers galore! Dubai is sure to have you smitten in a heartbeat. Its charm is further elevated by luxurious hotels, jumbo shopping malls, and tons of business opportunities and SMEs. Being one of the most beautiful cities and important commercial and economic centers in the UAE, Dubai is not only tourists’ favourite but also is popular amongst investors across the globe. Popular testbed for startups and entrepreneurs, Dubai has metamorphosed many ambitious expats into triumphant entrepreneurs. Not only does the Emirate provide the perfect ecosystem for entrepreneurs from the world over but also luxurious life and high standard of living. The attractive tourism industry, relaxed taxation system, ample free zones, economic and political stability, easy registration for the companies, incredible infrastructures, easy regulatory environment, low energy costs… We can talk about the reasons why you should set up your business in Dubai till the cows come home.

Still on the Fence?

You are interested in setting up a new business or expanding the existing business in Dubai, we won’t ask why but can totally understand how overwhelming it is to decide what business? With so much to do in Dubai, it’s easy to feel lost especially during #Expo2020Dubai. Fret not. Here’s the scoop on some smart business ideas in Dubai we are sure you’ll fall in love with.

Event Company

No doubt, the gas, oil, and financial sectors are the most established industries in Dubai but if you are living under a rock, let us enlighten you that Dubai is an international events hub too. The event sector is riding high on the startup wave! And this upward trajectory is only set to continue with Expo 2020. The event sector sees massive development every year not only in Dubai but the world over. If you think event management revolves around weddings, family functions, ceremonies, corporate parties, and other small scale events only then think again. There are many types of events like festivals, team building sessions, rock concerts, galas, sporting events, summer camps, meetings, day camps, university events, and training sessions to name a few. The Dubai World Trade Center alone hosts hundreds of events including international trade fairs, consumer shows, corporate functions and conventions, contributing about USD 3.3bn to the economy. If you are an entrepreneur who loves to take off the beaten path, we suggest opening an event company in Dubai can be your best bet. And the joy of joys is you don’t need an office initially for such a business and you can hire contract employees as per the needs. Choose the sub-sector/s you like and approach the best business setup consultants in Dubai.

Creche/Day Care Facility

With a high living standard comes hefty charges. And we can’t deny the fact that living costs can rip you off in hi-tech cities like Dubai. As a result, both husband and wife are bound to earn in most families in Dubai to make ends meet. There are thousands of working parents and single mothers in Dubai looking for the right daycare home for their beloved child/ren. Therefore, this is another marvelous business idea for you in fact one of the most popular freelance business ideas in Dubai. The cherry on the top is that startup expenditures won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and you may move ahead with the idea even if you have limited funds. You can add to your profits by accommodating extra-curricular activities for the kids such as dance, music, art & craft, calligraphy, and tuition in your childcare business. The only downside of the venture is that it may take a little time to be in commission. You need to be patient with the customers until they know and trust you. And that’s something which you’ll come across no matter what business you choose to set up.

Health & Wellness

They say, “Health is wealth.” and we couldn’t agree more! What better business than taking care of Dubai’s health-conscious population? You don’t need to necessarily be a certified nutritionist or personal gym trainer to enter the UAE health and wellness market. Non-healthcare-professionals too can do wonders in this field. You still can bring your A game in your favorite healthcare subsector. How about trading in vitamins and supplements, being a yoga trainer, physiotherapist, masseuse and holistic therapist, or simply organizing wellness programs?! The possibilities are endless with this always booming sector. You may also set up a clinic/hospital in Dubai and enjoy the 100% foreign ownership of your company along with various other benefits provided by the Government. So if you are planning to run your business in the healthcare sector in Dubai, don’t give it a second thought! It is contributing a major portion to the economy. So, this is the perfect time to get in touch with a pro business setup consultant in Dubai to get guidance for your healthcare business incorporation process.

To-Fro Transport

Home to one of the most developed road infrastructures in the world supported by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the Dubai Police Department, Dubai is the safest option to set up a transport business. When it comes to investing in new ventures, the taxi service or road transportation business in Dubai is one of the most promising sectors in the country. Expats in Dubai have tons of errands to run in their everyday life so they want to lower down their travel hassles, time and costs. You could start a car hire company or simply provide a bike taxi service to the busy bees and working professionals to make their and your life easy. There are people who want to travel from A to B in style. Keep that market in mind you could also consider trying your hands at luxury car hire and chauffeur services. This business idea requires plenty of market research. You must be au courant with the areas and the lifestyle of its inhabitants you are planning to deliver the service to. The demand for executive cars may vary from region to region.

You need to obtain a transport license from the National Transport Authority, UAE to legally operate your to-fro road transport business. You could also establish a truck company in Dubai provided that you meet the Company Act and the Land Transport Law requirements. While for passenger vehicles you would be charged AED 100, plus AED 5 for each passenger seat to get a license, for vehicles transporting commercial goods you are required to fork out AED 100, plus AED 10 for each tone of the vehicle’s gross weight.

Real Estate

How can we not talk about the real estate industry when discussing smart business ideas in Dubai?! Not only is the real estate business known for its awesome returns but also is easy to run. After a relatively slow period due to the pandemic last year, Dubai real estate business owners are earning a fortune. Expo2020 and IPL2021 are again the prime culprits but this boom is not going to vanish any time soon is sure to yield huge profits to the property owners or tenants subletting their leased spaces. Furthermore, the introduction of long-term visas, along with the relaxing of foreign ownership rules is adding fuel to fire (JK!) Dubai is likely to see an unbelievable surge in the number of expats willing to call it home, which in turn opens doors to other related business opportunities like property management services.

Water Manufacturing/Bottling/Delivering

A country where oil is cheaper than water, UAE is the best place to start a water trading business. Who doesn’t know that the UAE, including Dubai, is sitting on the sands and salty waters! Plus, the Tropic of Cancer passes through the country lending it high amounts of direct sunlight in the summer causing scorching heat in the environment. And Dubai skies will rain naturally only when camels will fly. Bummer! About 99% of potable drinking water in Dubai comes from its desalination plants that process the sea water using modern techniques to make it consumable. With the continuous rise in expat population, the demand for fresh drinkable water is also increasing. But this is not the only reason why the water business is on our list of smart business ideas in Dubai. The residents along with expats, particularly European descendants, are not satisfied with the tap water quality (no wonder shower filters are pretty popular these days!) and are quite unhappy with the plastic containers in which drinking water is delivered. In addition to that there are very few companies catering to the fresh water needs of the population which leaves the market thirsty for more entrepreneurs. Your water purification business in Dubai will not only keep the city hydrated but your bank account too!

Your Company Setup Specialist

Setting up a new business in Dubai is both easy and affordable whether you’re looking for clever business ideas in Dubai for yourself or the ladies in the house. But it does require a lot of legwork and paperwork which you can easily delegate to an adept Dubai business setup consultant near you. The cost of registering a company depends on the nature and size of the business you are interested in. However, setting up a business on a budget is also possible. Connect with Adam Global, the world’s leading platform for multidisciplinary professional business services only if you want to simplify the application process and enjoy a hassle-free beginning to your never-ending business journey.

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