DED Dubai: Explained

It’s the strict yet easy-to-follow rules and regulations that make Dubai what it is today – one of the world’s safest and most rewarding locations to visit, live and work. When you’re in Dubai, you, regardless of your purpose of visit, have got to be so uptight about the UAE law. And to be able to follow the rules, you must be familiar with them, obviously!

Knowing the policies and procedures laid out by the Department of Economic Development (or DED) Dubai is more than important for anyone who is looking to start a business in Dubai. Embarking on your entrepreneurial journey is not a piece of cake, but trust me, it’s half the battle if you are au courant with business formation guidelines. Here’s a rundown on DED Dubai to make your life easier.

Who is DED and Dubai DED?

The Department of Economic Development (Called DED for ease) is a government body that spearheads and regulates the economic agenda of the emirate of Dubai. Every emirate of the United Arab Emirates has its own dedicated DED launched to enhance and speed up the sustainable growth of the region’s economy. And to accomplish this, DED and its agencies, within the broader governance systems of the United Arab Emirates, devise economic plans and policies, figure out and support the development of strategic sectors, and offer assistance to domestic and international investors and businesses. The primary functions of DED in the emirates of the UAE include trade licence issuance, business registration, business regulation and trademark protection. Furthermore, the DED Group’s advisory services head funding and development of SMEs, export promotion, and initiatives to lure Foreign Direct Investment.

Like the other 6 states of the UAE, Dubai also has a Department of Economic Development that is known as Dubai DED and is responsible for backing the structural transformation of Dubai into a diversified, innovative, service-based economy. Launched in March 1992, the Dubai DED, in October 2008, was given the responsibility to plan and govern the overall economic performance of Dubai, steer its functions and sustain the economic development to ensure the goals of the Dubai Strategic Plan are achieved. At present (2022), Sami Al Qamzi is the Director-General of DED Dubai.

The Role of DED in Dubai

Besides spearheading the progress of Dubai’s business sector, Dubai DED shoulders the responsibility of dispensing licences to individuals willing to start a business in Dubai and dealing with investors. The department is also in charge of providing services related to amending and managing the issued business licences in Dubai. The best part is – All these services are available online and one can seek assistance through their interactive and user-friendly web portal. The portal is complete with the latest data for socio-economic indicators, eServices including checking the status of applicants’ transactions, cost estimates for trade licences, cost of renewal of trade licence and general inquiries. Presently, DED Dubai dispenses trade licence for about 2,100 business activities in four different licence categories – Industrial, Commercial, Professional and Tourism. The one-window system of Dubai DED is a continuation of its endeavours to ensure the best possible service and customer satisfaction. Holding a vision of making the emirate a pivotal hub in the global economy, Dubai DED, on a large scale, is responsible for:

  • Promotion of Sustainable growth
  • Economic Growth
  • Economic Competitiveness
  • Business Community Happiness
  • Economic Foresight & Planning
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Advancement of DED itself

Services Provided By DED

DED exists to offer a wide array of services to existing and aspiring business persons in Dubai. On visiting the DED website, you will find five categories of assistance you can access online. Here’s the list of services (e-services) that DED provides through its online platform (

Licencing Services

  • Instant Licence Issuance
  • Trade Name Reservation
  • Trade Name Renewal
  • Initial Approval Service
  • Branch Initial Approval Issuance
  • Trade/Business Licence Issuance
  • Licence Renewal
  • Printing of Licence
  • Licence Activities’ Terms & Conditions
  • Manage Licence Contact
  • Pay Inspection Fines
  • Update Mobile Number

Legal Contract-related Services

  • Issuance of Legal Contract for licence
  • Issuance of Legal Contract
  • Approval of Legal Contract
  • Printing of Legal Contract

Inquiries Section

  • Transaction Status/Payments
  • Business Activities
  • Licence Information
  • Trade Names
  • Sales & Promotions


  • Partner Licences

Public E-Forms

  • Commercial Permit eForm
  • Fill out the Registration & Licensing Application Form

How to Contact Dubai DED?

You may contact the officials of DED in either of the two following ways for more information:

Contact Us for Business Setup Assistance in Dubai, UAE

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