Should I Hire a Business Consultant to Setup My Business in Dubai?

Twinkling skyscrapers, jaw-dropping man-made archipelagoes, dancing fountains, jumbo shopping malls, and sandy blue beaches are not the only markers of Dubai. The bling city is also known for providing the perfect launchpad for visionary entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals to realize their dreams. Dubai, Singapore, Belgium, or China, setting up a business overseas is not a cakewalk, especially if you are not abreast of the laws and regulations of that place. It’s Dubai that first pops up to the mind when you think of opening a company in a foreign country. And it’s easy to see why. A treasure chest brimming with business opportunities, the commercial capital of the UAE doesn’t disappoint, whether one is planning to set up their own beauty salon or start a virtual law firm. Hyperconnected districts, fast-pacing financial prosperity, smart infrastructure, receptive markets, liberal laws, a huge pool of talent, massive audiences, tax-free income, high-quality living standards, what else do you need to set up your own start-up in Dubai.Maybe a level-headed business consultant to guide you through each and every step of the way to your life goal. Because opening a company abroad can seem easy-breezy to many DIY entrepreneurs but could be daunting when it comes to paperwork and dealing with the respective jurisdictions. You would not want to shell out the hefty penalties or delay the process just because there were just a couple of errors in your submissions. 

Your business consultant is way beyond the advisor. There are more layers to the robe of advisor they don. A Business Consultant, or Business Advisor, extends expert advice, analysis and solutions. They suggest innovative and sure-shot ways to grow new and existing businesses. Their duties include but are not limited to developing business plans, advising on financial matters and figuring out areas for growth within an establishment. All in all, they are the end-to-end business solutions and what the doctor ordered because you don’t know even what you should know. 

Business consulting includes a broad range of activities and when you are considering hiring a professional business advisor you can expect a wide range of services and benefits from them including –  

Simplified & affordable process right on the button 

They say, “Beginning is always the hardest.” True. And you too can’t disagree with the fact like us, we are sure! Whether you are planning to set up a company in Dubai mainland, Dubai free zone, offshore, or still sitting on the fence, starting a business in any part of the world is not a child’s play, let alone Dubai. A business consultant helps you find the best location in Dubai for your business, so the hidden challenges don’t come as a surprise later across you. Not only do they advise you on the best company structure that squarely fits into your short-term as well as long-term plans/requirements, but also suggests you the best jurisdictions to avoid any kind of delay in application or license approvals. They keep you from buying a pig in a poke and direct you to the right investments. Plus, with them by your side, you don’t need to be wary of various applications and documentation for licenses or permits. 

Error-free legal documentation 

Beginning a company in Dubai demands tons of legal formalities and paperwork. We are not scaring you, but you already know, even populating a single form requires huge time and consideration. Plus, it’s tedious and boring as well. Your business consultants are hands-on with the process, have expert eyes to make sure the entire documentation is free from any errors. 

Judicial know-hows & updates 

Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore – the UAE features three economic zones (aka jurisdictions) for entrepreneurs to choose from for their business setup. Every zone has its own set of rules and laws to abide by, belonging to a business startup. No doubt, judicial bodies and government agencies facilitate aspiring business owners who are looking to form a company in the UAE, but you may still find a multitude of legal requirements pretty overwhelming. Your business advisor in Dubai not only helps you approach the right jurisdiction for your business, depending upon the business requirements and activities but also deals with all these formalities to make it hassle-free for you. 

Banking advisory you can count on 

No business can do without banks. After registering your business and getting the trade license, you need to open a business account. Your business consultant can give you better advice about your business banking. To open a bank account for your organisation, you will have to attend an in-person interview at your bank of choice with the required documents to submit such as duly-filled application form, resolution from the board of directors to sanction the opening of the account, and appointing signatories, certificate of incorporation, trade license, share certificates, memorandum and articles of associations, passport copies of all partners/directors. Furthermore, some banks may ask you to submit business plans, contracts and invoices, and reference letters. They may also demand proof of all visa and residency status of all the shareholders. With all the documentation in order only, you can attend the meeting at the bank. It just takes only two weeks’ time if everything is approved at this stage. 

Market updates 

Business setup consultants are constantly dealing with various movers in the market, which equips them with the essential information required to navigate the market swiftly and profitably. As a business owner, you might find it difficult to keep up with the market with all the accountabilities on your shoulders. That’s when a business consultant comes and provides you with all the information from the market, so you can handle the daily operation smoothly and efficiently. 

Industry expert advice 

Knowledge, expert skills, excellence, and accountability are the core values of business consultants. Because consultants work with a smorgasbord of businesses, they may possess a much broader and deeper knowledge of business trends, industry challenges, and new technologies and processes than you or any other internal employee working in your enterprise that can help you grow your business. In addition, their experience in a lot of different fields can sure help you overcome obstacles and even avoid certain pitfalls of the business world. 

Stretching boundaries 

Most businesses don’t feel like coming out of their comfort zone and keep doing what they are doing. Sometimes it is hard to break out of their established boundaries and expand horizons. However, business expansion is crucial for established entrepreneurs, so they don’t stick in one place and lose to inflation. From business expansion, we don’t mean just an increase in the geographical reach but also the latest technologies. Case in point: introduction of robotics in factories. 

Profit-making opportunities 

The sky’s the limit if you keep your eyes out for opportunities to make more profits. However, you might not pay heeds to them while busy with the daily to-dos. Business consultants have a marvellous eye for these opportunities. Therefore, if you are associated with a business consultant for management consultancy, they can actually help you make more than what you are making currently. They can guide entrepreneurs to grab these opportunities and accelerate the cash flow and profitability of the business. 

Access to unlimited talent from the world over 

Business consultants can make you reach the right fit for various positions that are currently open in your company, as they have well-established networks with various organisations and agencies worldwide. All you need to do is make the most of their connections and the moment you stumble upon the perfect match with the requirements of your business you can hire employees or freelancers from any corner of the planet. 

One-stop shop 

SME or large-size, commencing and then running a business involves endless tasks and to succeed the business owner needs a village to succeed. From accounting to customer service to human resource management to technical support, a business person is up to their chin in various functions that are required to keep the ball rolling. It’s beyond the bounds of possibility for them to do it all by themselves. But, thanks to the availability of business and management consultants today, they don’t have to figure everything out on their own. A business consultant not only helps in strategic decision-making but also aids your business to thrive. By engaging an experienced business setup consultant, you can take the right decisions for your business and broaden the scope of your establishment while overcoming challenges, increasing revenue, and growing. 

End-to-end solutions 

From getting approval on your company name and activities from DED to applying for the trade license to registering the company to finding a local Emirati agent (if applicable) to preparing an MOA, you have your business consultant’s back. Not only that but, you might be required to obtain external approvals (additional approvals from other government or non-government agencies) as well depending on the activities you chose to perform as an entrepreneur, case in point: municipality, embassies, specific banks, etc. You can’t go wrong by appointing a business advisor for error-free documentation and a hassle-free process. 

Find us to find the right way 

Multi-faceted government laws, ever-changing trends, various policies and procedures, and so many other factors to comprehend, every start-up has its own share of challenges that you must understand and encounter. You sure need a local guide to navigate you through the uncharted waters you are going to take a deep plunge into.  

They say – All’s well that ends well. But what we say – What begins well, ends well! Therefore, begin the most important journey of your life with a proficient business setup specialist in Dubai, such as Adam Global. 

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