8 Reasons To Start your Business In Dubai

Dubai is seeing new business establishments from all sectors frequently.

More and more business owners prefer Dubai for their company setup.

Whether it’s a new business or an existing one, with the right expert advise the company formation procedure is as easy as 1.2.3


Here are 8 top reasons why people choose to setup a business in Dubai;


1) Global Aviation Hub

Dubai Airports are one of the best ranked airports in the world in terms of servicing and flying locations. It is also ranked as the world’s busiest airport by international passenger traffic. Flying in and out of the country is as easy as travelling from town to town giving business owners and employees an ease to travel from business and personal purposes.


2) Easy Visa

Acquiring a work visa or setting up a business in Dubai for expatriates has been made very easy and complication free by the country’s government. However, there are basic requirements to be fulfilled, which are hassle-free.

UAE government has given the public a wide range of visa categories for different needs;


3) Tax Efficient

Dubai is very well known for providing tax efficient business environment and no ‘income” tax.


4) Advanced Transportation

The government has established a number of transportation services within the city of Dubai which include:

  • Public Buses
  • Taxis
  • The infamous Dubai Metro and Trams
  • Limousine services
  • Water Taxi
  • Dubai Drone Taxi (upcoming)
  • High quality roads system that fulfills your logistical needs in a fast and safe manner
  • New projects are also being introduced country wide.

All these are set to give you a tireless commute for your official business meetings and personal transportation needs.


5) World Class Venues

A business setup in Dubai city gives you an unmatched experience when it comes to venue and location range, be it for business meetings, board conferences or even huge-scale annual events. The only hard time that you would experience is choosing which one you want since one is better than the other. There are also options like office spaces in top class sky scrappers and in business incubation centres to freelancers and off shore company businessmen.


6) Safety & Security

Dubai is also known as one of the safest city of the world. The law and order is appreciable which makes your family, employees and assets secure.  It’s not every day you can leave your car in the open and find it the next day exactly where you had left it. Yes! that is how safe this city is.


7) Repatriation

With such a diverse community, having people from almost every city of the world staying in having your business setup in Dubai along with  a stable economy,  the movement of remittance & repatriation of funds has been made very simple for expat employees and business owners.


8) Luxury Experience

Dubai is a land where you will come across people from different nationalities and background which give you an insight of how people around the world are. You built connections from all around the work just by running your business in this city. You can get a taste of every nation and every land from within this city and the amount of experience and knowledge that is gained is remarkable.


Ready To Start Your Business in Dubai?

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