Business Setup in Dubai for Russian Entrepreneurs – 2023 Success Guide

Dubai, the crown jewel of the UAE, is a global business hub. It’s a magnet for entrepreneurs worldwide, including Russians. For Russian entrepreneurs, Dubai offers more than just a strategic location. It’s a land of robust infrastructure and business-friendly policies, making it an ideal place for business setup for russians entrepreneurs

Its diverse economy and supportive business environment make it a fertile ground for growth and innovation. Continue reading to unlock the secrets of a successful business setup in Dubai for Russian entrepreneurs. 

Why Business Setup in Dubai for Russian Entrepreneurs is a Best Choice 

With over 20 specialized Free Trade Zones, Business Setup in Dubai for Russian Entrepreneurs offers unparalleled flexibility. Russian investors can choose from a diverse range of business activities, making Dubai an unmatched destination for global trade and commerce. 

But the advantages of Business Setup in Dubai for Russian Entrepreneurs go beyond just business opportunities. Dubai ranks as one of the safest cities globally, offering not only a conducive work environment but also a high quality of life. This makes it an ideal city for Russian entrepreneurs to not only establish but also grow their businesses. 

Financial stability is another cornerstone of Dubai’s appeal. The local currency, the Dirham, is pegged to the U.S. Dollar, ensuring a stable financial market. This adds another layer of financial security, making Business Setup in Dubai for Russian Entrepreneurs even more attractive. 

Types of Business Structures for Business Setup in Dubai for Russian Entrepreneurs 

Free Zone Company (FZCO) 

One of the most attractive options for Russian entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Dubai is a Free Zone Company (FZCO). This structure offers significant tax incentives, including zero corporate tax for qualifying freezone persons. Additionally, the simplified registration process makes it easier for Russian entrepreneurs to hit the ground running. 

Mainland Company (LLC) 

For those considering a more localized approach, a Mainland Company (LLC) is an excellent choice. Despite this, LLCs offer operational flexibility, making them a viable option for Russians looking to invest in Dubai’s local market.

Offshore Company 

If asset protection and international business are your primary concerns, an Offshore Company is the way to go. This structure allows Russian entrepreneurs to conduct business outside the UAE while enjoying the benefits of Dubai’s stable financial environment. 

Choose wisely; your business structure defines your journey. Whether you’re a Russian entrepreneur or an investor, the type of company you establish will significantly impact your business’s success in Dubai. 

Reasons for Russian Entrepreneurs or Investors to Invest in Dubai 

  • Strategic Location: Ideal for Russians looking to expand their business reach. 
  • Tax Benefits: Particularly in Free Zones, offering significant savings. 
  • Safety and Stability: One of the safest cities in the world with a stable economy. 
  • Ease of Doing Business: Simplified processes make it easier for Russians to start a business in Dubai. 
  • Financial Security: The Dirham’s peg to the U.S. Dollar ensures financial stability. 

Popular Business Activities for Business Setup in Dubai for Russian Entrepreneurs 


Dubai’s strategic location and robust infrastructure make it a hotspot for import/export businesses. Russian entrepreneurs can leverage the city’s connectivity to establish a thriving import/export venture. 

IT Services 

The demand for IT services in Dubai is ever-growing. From software development to cybersecurity, Russian entrepreneurs can find a lucrative market for various IT services. 

Tourism and Hospitality 

Dubai is a global tourist destination. Russian entrepreneurs can tap into this market by investing in tourism and hospitality services, from hotels to travel agencies. 

Real Estate 

The real estate sector in Dubai offers promising returns. Russian entrepreneurs can invest in property development or real estate management, capitalizing on the city’s growing population and tourism. 


From luxury boutiques to everyday essentials, the retail market in Dubai is expansive. Russian entrepreneurs can find a niche that aligns with their expertise and market demand. 

Align your passion with market demand. Whether you’re into technology, tourism, or trade, there’s a place for you in Dubai. How Russian entrepreneurs can start a business in Dubai is not just about the logistics; it’s about finding the right fit for your passion and skills. 

Steps to Start Business in Dubai as a Russian Entrepreneur 

Step 1: Business Plan and Feasibility Study 

The first step in any successful Business Setup in Dubai for Russian Entrepreneurs is a well-crafted business plan. Conduct a feasibility study to understand the market demand and competition. 

Step 2: Choose the Right Business Structure 

Whether it’s a Free Zone Company, Mainland Company, or Offshore Company, choosing the right business structure is crucial. Your choice will define your tax obligations, operational flexibility, and sponsorship requirements. 

Step 3: Select a Business Activity 

Dubai offers a plethora of business activities to choose from. Whether it’s import/export, IT services, or retail, align your business activity with your expertise and market demand. 

Step 4: Legal Formalities and Documentation 

Prepare all necessary legal documents, including your business license application, Memorandum of Association, and any other required permits. Ensure all documents follow Dubai’s legal requirements. 

Step 5: Business Location 

Select a strategic location for your business. Whether it’s a Free Zone for tax benefits or the mainland for operational flexibility, your location will significantly impact your business’s success. 

Step 6: Open a Corporate Bank Account 

Opening a corporate bank account in Dubai is a straightforward process. Choose a bank that aligns with your business needs and complete the required formalities. 

Step 7: Business License and Registration 

Once all documents are prepared and the location is finalized, apply for your business license. Upon approval, complete the business registration to legally operate in Dubai. 

Step 8: Kickstart Your Operations 

With the license and registration in hand, you’re all set to start your business operations in Dubai. Hire staff, set up your office, and commence your business activities. 

While going through this journey it is important to focus on all minute details as it can hamper and the chances of rejections are high, it’s always advised to consult business setup experts like adam global for a hassle-free business setup in Dubai. 

Licensing and Approvals for Business Setup in Dubai for Russian Entrepreneurs 

Trade License 

A Trade License is essential for anyone looking to engage in buying and selling goods in Dubai. It’s the most common type of license and is mandatory for Russian entrepreneurs involved in trading activities. 

Industrial License 

If you’re planning to engage in manufacturing or any form of industrial activity, an Industrial License is required. This license allows Russian entrepreneurs to convert natural resources into finished goods. 

Professional License 

For service-oriented businesses like consultancy, healthcare, or IT services, a Professional License is necessary. This license is tailored for Russian entrepreneurs offering professional services in Dubai. 

Authorities Involved 

  • Department of Economic Development (DED): Responsible for issuing licenses for businesses operating in the mainland. 
  • Free Zone Authorities: Each Free Zone has its own authority responsible for issuing licenses and managing businesses within that zone. 
  • A license isn’t just a paper; it’s your ticket to the business world. For Russian entrepreneurs, obtaining the right license is the first step in legitimizing your business setup in Dubai. It’s not just a regulatory requirement; it’s a gateway to countless opportunities in one of the world’s most dynamic business environments. 

Documents Required for Russians to Setup Business in Dubai 

Navigating the business landscape in Dubai requires not only a robust business plan but also the right documentation. Here’s a comprehensive list of documents Russian entrepreneurs need for a successful Business Setup in Dubai. 

  • Personal Documents 
  • Passport Copies: Valid passport copies of all shareholders and directors. 
  • Visa & EID Copies: UAE visa copies if the shareholders or directors are already residing in the UAE. 
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC): Required if any of the shareholders or directors are UAE residents. 
  • Business Documents 
  • Business Plan: A detailed business plan outlining your business objectives, market analysis, and financial projections. 
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA): A legal document that outlines the company’s structure and objectives. 
  • Trade Name Reservation: Proof of trade name reservation from the relevant authorities. 
  • Financial Documents 
  • Bank Reference Letter: A letter from your bank vouching for your financial stability. 
  • Initial Approval Certificate: A certificate from the Department of Economic Development (DED) or the relevant Free Zone Authority indicating initial approval of your business setup. 
  • Additional Documents 
  • Ejari: A registered tenancy contract for your business location. 
  • License Application: Completed application form for the relevant business license, be it Trade, Industrial, or Professional. 

Documents aren’t just paperwork; they’re the building blocks of your business credibility. For Russians looking to set up a business in Dubai, having the right documents in place is not just a procedural step but a critical component in establishing a legitimate and successful enterprise. 

Corporate Banking for Business Setup in Dubai for Russian Entrepreneurs 

Importance of a Corporate Bank Account 

Having a corporate bank account is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity for maintaining clear financial records and ensuring compliance with local regulations. 

Popular Banks for Russian Entrepreneurs 

  • Emirates NBD: Known for its robust business banking solutions and excellent customer service. 
  • Mashreq Bank: Offers a range of business accounts tailored to meet the needs of Russian entrepreneurs. 
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank: A reliable choice for businesses looking for comprehensive financial services. 
  • Dubai Islamic Bank: Ideal for those seeking Sharia-compliant banking options. 

Secure your financial future with the right banking partner. Choosing the right bank is crucial for Russian entrepreneurs planning a business setup in Dubai, as it sets the foundation for your financial stability and growth. 

Office Space for Business Setup in Dubai for Russian Entrepreneurs 

Free Zone Requirements 

Free Zones often have specific requirements for office space, usually mandating that businesses operate within the Free Zone to avail of tax benefits. 

Mainland Flexibility 

In contrast, the mainland offers more flexibility in choosing your office location, allowing you to operate anywhere in Dubai. 

Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, Dubai offers office spaces that cater to various budgets, from co-working spaces to luxurious office suites. 

Your office is the first chapter in your success story. For Russian entrepreneurs, the choice of office space is not just about square footage; it’s about creating an environment that fosters innovation, productivity, and business growth. 


Dubai stands as a beacon of opportunity for Russian entrepreneurs, offering a plethora of advantages from strategic location to business-friendly policies. Whether you’re interested in import/export, IT services, or tourism and hospitality, Dubai has the infrastructure and market to help your business thrive. With its well-established legal framework, diverse business structures, and a multitude of banking options, Dubai is indeed the land of endless possibilities for Russian entrepreneurs. 

Why Choose Adam Global for Your Business Setup in Dubai? 

When it comes to navigating the complexities of setting up a business in Dubai, expertise and experience are paramount. This is where Adam Global comes into play. With a global presence spanning multiple countries, we bring a wealth of experience to the table, especially in handling Russian clients. 

Global Presence 

Adam Global operates globally through a network of regional partners, offering a comprehensive range of professional services that are crucial for a successful business setup in Dubai. 

Experience with Russian Clients 

Our seasoned team has extensive experience in assisting Russian entrepreneurs in various sectors, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free business setup process. 

Comprehensive Services 

From legal services such as company incorporation and contract drafting to financial services like accounting and auditing, Adam Global provides a one-stop solution for all your business needs. 

Choose Adam Global, and you’re not just selecting a service provider; you’re partnering with a global leader committed to your business success. 

By choosing Adam Global, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re gaining a partner committed to your success in the Dubai business landscape.

u003cstrongu003e1. What Types of Business Licenses Are Available for Russian Entrepreneurs in Dubai?u003c/strongu003e 

There are three main types of business licenses in Dubai: Trade License, Industrial License, and Professional License. The type of license you need depends on the nature of your business. 

u003cstrongu003eAre There Any Special Requirements for Russians to Start a Business in Dubai?u003c/strongu003e 

Generally, the requirements for Russians are similar to those for other foreign nationals. However, certain documentation may need to be translated and notarized. 

u003cstrongu003eWhat Are the Benefits of Setting Up a Business in a Dubai Free Zone for Russians?u003c/strongu003e 

Free Zones offer various benefits and simplified registration processes, making them attractive options for Russian entrepreneurs. 

u003cstrongu003eHow Can Russian Entrepreneurs Open a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai?u003c/strongu003e 

Russian entrepreneurs can open a corporate bank account by submitting the required documents, including a business license and Memorandum of Association, to their chosen bank. 

u003cstrongu003eWhat Authorities Are Involved in Business Setup for Russians in Dubai?u003c/strongu003e

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for mainland businesses, while Free Zone Authorities handle businesses in Free Zones. 

u003cstrongu003eWhat Are the Popular Business Activities for Russian Entrepreneurs in Dubai?u003c/strongu003e

Popular business activities for Russians include import/export, IT services, tourism and hospitality, real estate, and retail. 

u003cstrongu003eWhat Documents Are Required for Russians to Setup Business in Dubai?u003c/strongu003e

Essential documents include passport copies, business plans, Memorandum of Association, and financial documents like a bank reference letter. 

u003cstrongu003eHow Can Russian Entrepreneurs Choose the Right Office Space in Dubai?u003c/strongu003e

Office space options vary depending on whether the business is in a Free Zone or the Mainland. Both offer options catering to various budgets. 

u003cstrongu003eWhat Steps Are Involved in Closing a Business for Russians in Dubai?u003c/strongu003e

Closing a business involves cancelling the business license, settling all debts, and fulfilling any remaining contractual obligations. 



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