How to Open a GYM in Dubai, UAE in 2023

Looking to open a gym in Dubai? Opening a gym in Dubai, UAE can be a profitable business venture as the city is known for its focus on health and fitness. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for fitness centres and gyms, making it a prime location for entrepreneurs looking to start a gym business. However, the process of opening a gym in Dubai can be difficult task, especially for individuals who are new to the city or have never owned a gym before. In this article, we will discuss the process of starting a gym in Dubai, including the legal requirements, the benefits of opening a gym in Dubai, and some tips for success. 

Considering its obsession with looking beautiful, healthy, and slim, it is not a surprise that the country with the greatest population in Dubai has the highest rate of high gym memberships. Many business owners in Dubai have taken on the challenge of starting their very own gym because of the growing demand for getting the perfect shape

Why Start a Gym in Dubai? 

Dubai is known for its cosmopolitan lifestyle, and fitness has become an essential part of that lifestyle. The city has a high-income population, many of whom are health-conscious and willing to spend on fitness. In addition, Dubai has a thriving tourism industry, with millions of visitors every year, many of whom prioritize fitness while travelling. This means that there is a large market for gyms and fitness centres in the city, making it an attractive location for entrepreneurs. 

Moreover, Dubai is a city that values innovation and technology, which is reflected in the gym industry. Gyms in Dubai are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as virtual reality equipment and fitness apps, which cater to the younger and tech-savvy population. 

u003cstrongu003eRequirements for Opening a Gym in Dubaiu003c/strongu003e 

Before starting a gym in Dubai, it is essential to understand the legal requirements. The following are the main legal requirements you will need for opening a gym in Dubai: u003cbru003e1. u003cstrongu003eBusiness Licenseu003c/strongu003e: To operate a gym in Dubai, you must obtain a business license from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). The DED is the regulatory body responsible for issuing licenses to businesses in Dubai. There are different types of business licenses available, depending on theu003ca href=u0022 type of business you want to startu003c/au003e. For a gym, you will need a official license. u003cbru003e2. u003cstrongu003eLocationu003c/strongu003e: The location of your gym is important, and you must ensure that the space meets the requirements. The gym must be located in a commercial area and should have adequate space for the gym equipment, changing rooms, reception area, and other facilities. You must also obtain the necessary permits from the Dubai Municipality to operate a gym in your chosen location. u003cbru003e3. u003cstrongu003eFitness Equipmentu003c/strongu003e: You must ensure that the fitness equipment you purchase meets the standards set by the Dubai Municipality. The equipment must be safe to use and must comply with the guidelines set by the Dubai Municipality. u003cbru003e4. u003cstrongu003eStaffingu003c/strongu003e: You will need to hire qualified and licensed fitness trainers, it is recommended to have trainer certified by Dubai Sports Council. In addition, you will need to hire support staff, such as receptionists and cleaners, who must have the necessary permits to work in Dubai. u003cbru003e5. u003cstrongu003eInsuranceu003c/strongu003e: It is recommended that you obtain insurance coverage for your gym to protect your business from liability in case of accidents or injuries. You can obtain insurance from local insurance companies in Dubai. u003cbru003e6. u003cstrongu003eTaxesu003c/strongu003e: As a business owner, you will be required to pay taxes on your income. You must register with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and obtain a Tax Registration Number (TRN). You will also need to file tax returns periodically and pay any taxes owed. u003cbru003e

Process of Starting a Gym in Dubai 

Once you have met the legal requirements for starting a gym in Dubai, you can proceed with the following steps: 

  1. Conduct Market Research: Before starting a gym in Dubai, it is important to conduct market research to understand the competition and the demand for fitness centres in the area. You can conduct surveys, analyze the competition, and study the target market to gain insights into the market. 
  2. Develop a Business Plan: A business plan is essential for any business and a gym.    
  3. Secure Financing: Starting a gym in Dubai can be a significant financial investment. You will need to secure financing to cover the costs of equipment, rent, staff salaries, and other expenses. You can seek financing from banks, investors, or crowdfunding platforms. 
  4. Choose a Location: Once you have secured financing, you can start looking for a suitable location for your gym. You should consider factors such as accessibility, visibility, and the availability of parking spaces when choosing a location. 
  5. Obtain Licenses and Permits: Once you have chosen a location, you can apply for the necessary licenses and permits. You will need to submit the necessary documents, such as the business plan, lease agreement, and proof of insurance, to the DED and the Dubai Municipality. 
  6. Purchase Equipment: You will need to purchase equipment for your gym, such as treadmills, weightlifting equipment, and exercise bikes. It is important to purchase high-quality equipment that meets the standards set by the Dubai Municipality. 
  7. Hire Staff: You will need to hire qualified and licensed fitness trainers, as well as support staff such as receptionists and cleaners. You can advertise job vacancies on job portals or hire recruitment agencies to help you find suitable candidates. 
  8. Market Your Gym: Once your gym is up and running, you will need to market it to attract customers. You can use social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, to promote your gym and offer discounts to attract new customers. 

u003cstrongu003eBenefits of Opening a Gym in Dubaiu003c/strongu003e 

There are several benefits of opening a gym in Dubai, including: u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eHigh Demand for Fitnessu003c/strongu003e: Dubai has a large population of health-conscious individuals who are willing to spend on fitness. In addition, the city attracts millions of tourists every year, many of whom prioritize fitness while travelling. u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eHigh-Income Populationu003c/strongu003e: Dubai has a high-income population, which means that people are willing to spend money on fitness and gym memberships. u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eTechnologically Advancedu003c/strongu003e: Dubai is a city that values innovation and technology, and this is reflected in the gym industry. Gyms in Dubai are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which caters to the younger and tech-savvy population. u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eGovernment Supportu003c/strongu003e: The Dubai government supports the fitness industry and promotes a healthy lifestyle. The Dubai Sports Council offers various initiatives and programs to promote fitness and sports in the city. 


u003cstrongu003eAuthorizations you Need Before Opening a GYM in Dubaiu003c/strongu003e 

Now that you’ve made up your mind to start a gym in Dubai, you must obtain permission from the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) in order to move forward with your plan: u003cbru003e1. Approvals from The Emirates Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Committee  u003cbru003e2. Approval from Youth and Sports Welfare Authority u003cbru003e3. You need to be older than 21 to apply for a gym license in Dubai. u003cbru003e4. You need to have Ejari (Attested tenancy contract) 


How to Get a GYM License in Dubai 

If you want to open a gym in Dubai. There are numerous registration processes, and authorizations from various authorities are required. Hiring a consultant in Dubai will make the difficult work of business setup much easier. In Dubai, one of the top business consulting services is Adam Global. In addition to offering advice on how to start a business in Dubai, our team of specialists will help you comprehend the various company formation options available there as well as the licensing requirements. Reach out to us right away! 

Things that are Absolutely Banned in the Dubai Gym Industry 

The government has prohibited the following behaviours, and they should never be carried out on the grounds of your Dubai gym.

  • For any type of ailment, there should be no medicinal or physiological treatment (rheumatism, arthritis, etc.) 
  • The use of any diagnostic tools, such as X-ray or ultrasound devices. 
  • Customers with any infectious disease should not be permitted in the gym. 
  • Under no circumstances may employees stay on the gym grounds. 
  • Do not permit loud sporting events in the gym. 
  • Male-only fitness centres and massage parlours shouldn’t hire female workers. 
  • Employees will not be permitted to enter female-only fitness centres or wellness centres without permission. 
  • A licensed nutritionist will only recommend pills, smoothies, and other natural weight loss/gain products. 

Required documents and cost to open a gym here 

The required documents and costs to open a gym in Dubai will vary depending on several factors, such as the type of gym, the legal structure, and the location. However, here is a general list of documents and estimated costs you may need to consider: 

What are the required documents to open a gym in Dubai, UAE

1. Business plan u003cbru003e2. Passport copy of the business owner(s) u003cbru003e3. No-objection certificate (NOC) from the sponsor u003cbru003e4. Acquaintance form u003cbru003e5. Personal photo from the shareholder 

What is the cost to open a gym in Dubai, UAE

u003cstrongu003eCostsu003c/strongu003e:u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eBusiness setup costsu003c/strongu003e: This includes company registration, and trade license application. The cost can range from AED 10,000 to AED 30,000 depending on the legal structure and complexity of the setup. u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eRent and security depositu003c/strongu003e: The cost of rent will depend on the location and size of the gym. The security deposit is usually equivalent to one- or two-months’ rent. u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eFit-out costsu003c/strongu003e: This includes the cost of equipment, flooring, mirrors, lighting, air conditioning, and other fixtures and fittings. The cost can range from AED 200,000 to AED 500,000 or more depending on the size and type of the gym. u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003ePermit and license feesu003c/strongu003e: This includes fees for the building permit, trade license, fitness centre permit, and VAT registration certificate. The cost can range from AED 15,000 to AED 25,000 or more depending on the type and size of the gym. 


Note that these costs are estimates and may vary depending on your specific requirements and circumstances. It’s important to work with a reputable business consultancy firm in Dubai, such as Adam Global, to get accurate information and advice on the required documents and costs to open a gym in Dubai. 

Why Choose Adam Global Consultant Experts for Opening your GYM in Dubai 

Adam Global is a leading business consultancy firm in Dubai that specializes in providing expert advice and guidance on company formation and licensing. There are several reasons why you should choose Adam Global for opening your gym in Dubai: 

  • Expertise and experience: Adam Global has a team of highly skilled and experienced consultants who are well-versed in the laws, regulations, and procedures for obtaining a gym license in Dubai. They can guide you through the process, ensuring that you meet all the necessary requirements and avoid any pitfalls. 
  • Customized solutions: Adam Global provides customized solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. They take the time to understand your business and provide personalized advice that will help you achieve your goals. 
  • Timely and efficient services: Adam Global is known for its timely and efficient services. They work diligently to ensure that all the necessary permits and approvals are obtained in a timely manner, so you can start operating your gym as soon as possible. 
  • End-to-end support: Adam Global provides end-to-end support, from initial consultation to company formation and licensing. They take care of all the paperwork, so you can focus on running your gym. 
  • Strong network: Adam Global has a strong network of contacts and partners in Dubai. This allows them to provide you with the best possible advice and support and ensures that your gym gets off to a successful start. 

In conclusion, choosing Adam Global as your business consultancy firm for opening your gym in Dubai will ensure that you receive expert advice, customized solutions, timely and efficient services, end-to-end support, and access to a strong network of contacts and partners. 


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