How to Set Up a Day Care Business in Dubai

YOLO! And we go to any length to make it better and happier. Because we all deserve that. Hundreds of thousands of people from the world over migrate to Dubai to give their family a better life than the one they are living in their own country. And if you think jaw-dropping sky-scraping structures, breath-taking beaches and driverless trains are not the only magnets that draw the crowd to Dubai. Let us tell you that it’s tax-free income, high-quality living standard, safe & secure environment and world-class education to boot. But in order to aptly consume Dubai’s “high-quality but highly-priced amenities” one has to pay an arm and a leg, TBH. Even obtaining a driving licence to give your family a comfortable life can cost you more than a car itself. No wonder, both parents in nuclear families work to give their children a life that they deserve.

Day care business in Dubai

If you are already in Dubai, you might already be feeling the pinch of high living costs. You are not alone. Who doesn’t want to live with their loved ones in an all-inclusive house boasting modular kitchen, state-of-the-art furniture and appliances, massive balcony and floor-to-ceiling glass windows bringing beautiful nature and beguiling views inside? Do you know a parent who doesn’t want to take their kids in their personal car to feast them on their favourite Baskin Robbins or Turkish ice cream? Is there a parent on earth who is happy to say no to their beloved child/ren when they are pointing out an expensive toy? Definitely not! But all these wants and desires come at a premium. To provide a better life to their family and in some cases just to make ends meet in an expensive city like Dubai, both mom and dad have to go to work leaving their child/ren in the hands of a childcare facility.

A childcare or babysitting business includes babysitting duties such as looking after children, playing with them, preparing meals for them and catering to their other needs. Without a doubt, a nursery or day care business in Dubai will always remain in demand. And remunerable too. Yes, the childcare business in Dubaiis historically one of the most profitable businesses in Dubai. As not every company is allowing work from home in the post-COVID world, there is no better time to start a day care business in Dubai. Working parents in the UAE are still struggling to find a new normal. And not everyone’s pocket allows them to hire a full-time or come-and-go nanny. It is one of the best businesses for ladies in Dubai who are the mothers of young children. Do I need to mention why?

How to set-up a childcare business in Dubai?

“Childrainbow”, “Children’s Haven”, “Hold My Hand”, “Your Munchkin’s Kin”… naming your childcare business could be easy but setting up the same is definitely not a child’s play. Like other businesses in the UAE, the process of establishing a child care centre in Dubai involves some legwork and a lot of homework. Let’s have a look at the steps involved in opening a childcare centre.

Have a business plan ready: Whether you’re a child care professional with a vision or a parent who sees a need, you’ve got your work cut out for you. The first step to initiate a childcare business is of course preparing a blueprint. A well-thought-out business plan will help you understand your business requirements and take necessary measures. Business description, business needs assessment, financial budgets, insurance policies, operating policies & procedures and day care marketing plan are the six mainstays of a successful daycare business plan.

Decide on a location that checks all the boxes: Location of your business can make or break it! Whether you choose a mainland location or free zone site for your Dubai childcare business setup, it should be bursting at the seams with working moms because that’s your target audience. Travelling long distances to drop their children off while going to office would be the last thing Dubai parents would want to do. The best location for your day care facility is either in the vicinity of working parents’ houses or workplaces. Also, make sure you don’t have any other day care or competitor nearby that can steal your potential customers before they reach you. Market research helps!

Apply for the business licence: Withoutthe relevant trade licence/permit, running a babysitting business is illegal in Dubai, UAE.After you choose an ideal location for your nursery or childcare unit, the next step is to obtain mandatory licences/permits to operate business in Dubai, UAE without any difficulty. Depending on the site you picked for your business you have to approach concerned authorities to get a nursery license in Dubai. There are two special authorities to grant a nursery licence in Dubai. While the Ministry of Social Affairs is responsible for babysitting licences in Dubai mainland, KHDA deals with babysitting licences in Dubai free zones. To get a day care licence in Dubai; you must be ready to bring about all health, safety, quality as well as educational necessities. You also have to seek approvals from your local emirate/municipality as well as the Directorate of Civil Defence and the Public Health Department. If you are not a DIY kind of entrepreneur you can engage anexperienced business setup specialist likeAdam Global Dubaiso there is no scope of mistakes or errors while applying for your business licence. The qualified Dubai business formation advisors at Adam Global will manage the entire application process on your behalf and liaise with all relevant authorities.

Dubai Babysitting Licence Details: Nursery licences in Dubai are governed by Dubai Municipality (Department of Health & Public Safety) and businesses are subject to comply with Dubai Municipality rules and regulations.

  • Activity Code: 801001
  • Activity Group: Nursery
  • License Type: Professional
  • Activity Description: Nursery license in Dubai allows the holder to take care of children in the absence of their parents.
  • Terms & Conditions: Requested By

Recruit quality staff ONLY: Day care is a people business; therefore, it only makes sense hiring people with people skills. Your staff should be amicable, trust-worthy and able to strike the right chord in the hearts of parents as well as their kids. They should enjoy working with children and shaping young lives. Get in touch with employment agencies or recruitment firms that are worth their salt. Interview the candidate up to the hilt and don’t forget to conduct background checks.

Get the right business insurance: You won’t want to break the bank or jeopardise your business reputation if some child gets injured at your premises. Don’t skimp on business insurance, choose the one that covers all the possible risks and expenses. The operating on a nursery or day care license in Dubai is one of the riskiest businesses, thus raising the need of insuring the business. Being a business owner, it’s your responsibility to maintain insurance against all possible risks (flood, theft, fire), accidents covering children and third-party liability.

Let people know about your day care business

The devil is in the marketing activities. Your marketing strategy should be able to convey the merits of your day care clearly and precisely. Make the most of the digital platforms to advertise your business and grab the massive audience in a very cost-effective manner. The more you market your business, the more clients you acquire and the faster your reputation grows through word of mouth and first-hand reviews.

What is the cost of starting a day care business in Dubai?

Licences, permits, visa, employees, insurances, marketing, inventory, the rent of your premises and overhead expenses, commencing a babysitting business in Dubai is an expensive affair and involves myriad costs just like any other business. For the company set obtaining a nursery license in Dubai can have you fork out about AED 12000. However, there are ways to cut down on costs up to certain extent. For instance, free zone day care business setup can save you a fortune as costs can vary drastically between jurisdictions in terms. Plus, you can enjoy the other benefits as well such as low fees, 100% company ownership, zero currency restrictions, customs tax exemption and the freedom to repatriate all capital and profits.

Why is babysitting business a huge responsibility? And hiring the right staff is crucial to the business?

Big or small, babysitting business is one of the most rewarding and profit-making businesses in Dubai, UAE. But as they say, “Higher the profits, higher the risks, higher the responsibilities”! You have to be very careful when doing these sorts of businesses in Dubai where your staff has to deal with kids. As we all know, raising a child is the toughest job in the universe! The job requires tons of patience and affection towards children. The kids of your customers remain with you for long periods and grow up with you. It’s your duty to instigate good habits in them and teach them to differentiate between good and bad. Also, you have to ensure that they are happy when they are with you and leaving you. Because babysitting is a business that grows at a lightning speed because of word-of-mouth publicity.

The childcare business is all about effectively communicating and connecting with both children and their parents. To run your childcare business successfully you have to be mature, patient, punctual, organized, respectful and attentive. The way kids are handled is sure to reflect in them sooner or later. And you won’t want to lose your business just because one of your hired babysitters lost her patience and acted rudely with your tiny-teeny customer/s. Yes, it’s not the parents that are your customers, it’s their children. Parents just pay for the services they take from you, it’s their kids who consume the services. The feedback they give to their folks decides the fate of your day-care business. Therefore, you have to be very mindful while choosing not only equipment, books and toys but also the babysitters.

How can Adam Global help?

If you enjoy spending time with children, babysitting business is for you! And if you want to enjoy your entrepreneurial journey meetAdam Global Dubai. Our professional business setup advisors will help you establish your creche business from scratch from conducting market research to registering your business to applying for business licence to running it efficiently. Get in touch with us to book your free consultancy.

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