How to Start a Pest Control Company in Dubai, UAE

If you are new to Dubai, staying in a hotel, you might not know that Dubai, the city of beautiful skyscrapers, crawls with ugly pest roaches and bedbugs! Which is surely a blot on the landscape! But once, you will shift into a rented apartment you’ll agree to the fact that if not for pest control companies, German cockroaches will keep floating on your plates behind you and bed bugs will keep sucking your blood while you are asleep! An online survey reveals that more than 80% of pest control calls are related to bedbugs and roaches, while ants, snakes, spiders and lizards account for the rest. Reports on pest infestations across the UAE have driven up demand for pest control services.

Importance of Pest Control

Humans can develop skin allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems due to pests. Roughly 7% of the population is allergic to cockroaches, and they are also one of the primary causes of asthma among children. They can also cause leprosy, skin infections, urinary tract infections, Lyme disease, intestinal infections, dysentery, dengue, plague, malaria, and food poisoning. And we all know, medications cost the earth in Dubai. What’s more, termite infestations can severely sabotage the furniture and constructions, leaving them in need of expensive repairs badly. Not just that, in the absence of proper pest control measures, about 20% of food supply will be wasted by rodents. Imagine the disaster that shooting population of these denizens of hell can create! It is of utmost importance for you to protect your family, pets, and the home sweet home from undesirable nuisances. And the only way to get rid of these icky pests is to get the pest control services regularly.

Is Pest Control Business Successful in Dubai, UAE?

Pest infestation is no oil painting, and moreover, it’s yucky! After all, who on earth can stand those dreadful, annoying tiny creatures. These loathsome pests bring with them big ailments and multiply at the speed of light! And the worst part? They have become resistant to most pesticides. Do we need to mention, why pest control businesses are so much in demand in Dubai? The revenues generated by pest management industry rise every year and the trend is expected to continue. I guess now you’re no more dicey about starting to provide services that everyone in the emirate is in dire need of! As you are sure that your idea of establishing a pest control service company is right through and through, allow us to bring to you the ultimate guide to acquiring a pest control licence in Dubai.

Why Pest Control Business in Dubai?

Dealing with rats, lizards, spiders, bugs, termites, mice, roaches, etc. is not for the faint of hearts! But if you see the brighter side of the business, it is a rewarding business opportunity. And anyway, your business’s ultimate function is to look after your clients’ wellbeing and protect their pricey belongings while saving them from coughing up on medical expenses and replacing household items damaged by those uninvited pests freely floating around them. Let’s look at some more reasons why pest control in Dubai is a profitable business.

  • Warm 365 days a year, the sunny city of Dubai is not just home to about 90% welcomed guests (expats) but also millions of unwelcomed guests such as cockroaches, ants, flies, bed bugs, spiders and rodents, etc.
  • A large number of expats from third-world countries overcrowd places such as Deira, Bur Dubai, etc. due to cheap rents where accommodations lack proper ventilation which causes germination of insects and pests. As they say in every crisis hides the seeds of opportunity, so it makes sense to start the pest control business
  • Most low-paid expat workers stay in rented studios, shared rooms and bedspace to save money to make the ends meet in the expensive city. Real estate brokers also shoehorn as many tenants as they can to get more bang for their buck because of which, these places start getting infested in no time. Every year, once or twice they have to call pest controllers to get the premises clean and insect-free
  • Not just individuals but businesses also need pest control services in Dubai, periodically
  • Dubai brims with supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and many other food-related establishments and such businesses are prone to rodents, flies, roaches and other insects more than any other business
  • Moreover, the global pest control market is predicted to be worth USD 26.3bn by 2025, increasing at 5.3% per year

How can I obtain a Dubai pest control company licence in Dubai?

Acquiring a trade licence to start a pest control business in Dubai can be slightly more complicated than other business types, but with appropriate guidance and process knowledge, you can accomplish the task effortlessly and efficiently. You will need an introductory endorsement from the Department of Economic Development (DED) along with a trade-name and an NOC from Dubai Municipality (DM) to obtain a relevant trade licence or permit. Once you have the trade licence, you need to hire the right bunch of efficient manpower and buy a minibus or pickup van to run such a business successfully. Plus, Ahead, we are explaining the process of setting up a company in Dubai with a pest control licence.

  • Decide an appropriate trade name for your business in line with the UAE business name guidelines and have it registered with the respective authority in Dubai
  • Choose between mainland and free zone jurisdictions of Dubai
  • Find a suitable place for office setup and sign the lease documents to receive tenancy contract registered by RERA via EJARI
  • Obtain initial approval from DED to proceed with pest control business formation in Dubai
  • Attain an NOC from Dubai Municipality (usually takes 3-5 working days). You are required to submit certain documents along with area subtleties to the DM office to request an investigation. Based on their findings, they will decide whether or not to approve your request
  • Collect all the relevant documents and apply for the pest control business licence by submitting them along with the licence application form to the DED, Dubai
  • Pay the license expenses for DED and Chamber of Trade
  • application fee and collect your pest control business licence
  • Hire the relevant employees. Apply for their employment visas and a suitable health insurance for each one of them

There are the common steps one has to follow to set up a business in Dubai, regardless of the business type or size. However, when it is a pest control service company, you have to meet certain requirements as follows:

Prerequisites After Licence Issuance

Recruit an Engineer

You will have to sign a contract with an engineer who will act as a chief for all pest control activities of your company. The engineer must hold a 4-year certification in Agriculture/Insect security/Pesticide assurance/Open insurance, plus 1 (or more) year experience in open heath pest control sector. They are required to present the copies of their valid international ID and visa for DM Officer’s review. If needed, the officer might ask the engineer to submit more documents to prove his authenticity. If the Officer authenticates him/her documents and give a go ahead, the candidate can proceed with the mandatory test for the position in Dubai Municipality.

Pay for the DM Pest Control Permit Test

The fee to sit for the DM permit test is AED 220 which you have to bear. This is a short online test and the candidate needs to attain at least 70 marks to pass it. Upon failing the test, the test can be reattempted after one month. The test results are usually declared in 15 to 20 days of the test date. Once the appointed engineer qualifies the test, a proof card will be granted within 3 to 5 business days, for which you have to pay AED 150.

Hire a Couple of Skilled Technicians

The engineer has to enlist at least two professional technicians, worth their salt. They must be further trained about the job’s nitty-gritty and prepared by the Engineer (aka Supervisor) for a test in Dubai Municipality. You have to pay test fee i.e., AED 120.

After successful completion of the above-mentioned steps, your company will be registered as a licenced pest control company in Dubai. If you need any help in obtaining the pest control licence in Dubai, then we, Adam Global Dubai business advisors, can help you with it. Right from business incorporation to office fit-outs to visa applications, we cover it all.

Need professional help in getting the pest control business licence in Dubai?

Doing business in Dubai is exciting, but completing the formalities to start the same is definitely not. And there is nothing more tedious than doing paperwork and getting approvals for business formation in Dubai. Plus, the process can be time, money, and energy-consuming if it is your first venture. However, working with one of the most experienced business setup advisors in Dubai such as Adam Global can make the journey an easy breeze. And the joy of joys is your business formation consultant guides you to take suitable decisions every step of the way. If you are looking for the right business setup consultants in Dubai for your pest control company formation, then you should meet Adam Global Dubai business advisors. You may share your requirements with them and get the exact cost estimates of forming a pest control firm in Dubai along with expert consultancy, for which you don’t have to pay. Helping businesses achieve their goals for more than two decades, we develop an agile approach to make sure the whole process of business formation becomes easy and hassle-free for each client.

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