Dubai Science Park (DSP)

Dubai Science Park (DSP)

Dubai Science Park (DSP) is a free zone aimed at serving the complete value chain of the science domain. Committed to providing support to scientific entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and global enterprises, DSP has been especially designed to meet the requirements of professionals and businesses operating in the domain of life sciences. It stimulates an environment that fortifies scientific research, ingenuity, and modernization.

There’s an abundance of office as well as laboratory space, powerfully built infrastructure, and a resonant community on offer for residents. Furthermore, DSP proffers an encouraging eco-system for businesses to thrive and engender sustainable change.

Dubai Science Park provides a variety of advantages and benefits for residents in order to enable them to seamlessly set up and drive innovation and grow their business. These benefits include:

  • 100 per cent foreign ownership
  • Exemption from various taxes including personal and corporate tax
  • Complete repatriation of capital and profits
  • No restrictions on currency
  • Metro Ethernet environment
  • First-rate infrastructural facilities such as digital voice services and high-speed internet among others
  • Company laws and legal framework conducive to business
  • Swift immigration process
  • Rapid access to knowledge workers

To streamline the path of establishing companies here and eventual seamless operations in the community, Dubai Science Park provides support to entities for a variety of concerns such as licensing and registration, government services like licensing, visa, traffic, and postal services, and office management and maintenance among others.

DSP has an extensive list of licensing segments that span life sciences, environmental science, and other science-related sectors. Here are the license categories on offer in Dubai Science Park.

  • Therapeutics
  • Food
  • Agricultural, Forestry, Horticulture
  • Environment
  • Medical/ Scientific Devices or Equipment
  •  Speacialty Supplies
  • Diagnostics and Analysis
  • Life Science Services
  • Life Science Associations (Non Profit)
  • Regional Headquarter
  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy
  • Energy Efficient Equipment
  • Air and Environment
  • Water and Waste Water
  • Recycling and Solid Waste
  • Transportation
  • Green Building
  • Organic Products
  • Association (Non Profit Organizations)
  • General Segments

These licenses cover activities such as research and development, storage, marketing, marketing and sales promotion, manufacturing and production, import and re-export, support service, consultancy, management, storage, testing, and manufacturing.

Setting up a business in Dubai Science Park is quite easy and requires minimal paperwork. To get the ball rolling for establishing a business in DSP, the company will need to apply for a business license and select an office space suited for their business. From pre-approvals to registering the company and getting the license, costs for setting up in DSP can start with as little as AED 3,500 though it usually varies based on the company as well as the requisite process designed for it.

In addition to offices and laboratories, Dubai Science Park offers a business centre to accommodate the small and medium-sized companies; warehouses for light manufacturing, showroom, storage, logistics, and distribution; and land for lease and sale and lease for entities that need purpose built offices and manufacturing units.

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