Since being established in 1988, Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) has driven substantial industrial development by providing benefits from investment privileges. And this, in turn, has strengthened the financial as well as the industry and trade sector in the UAE.

A hub of industrial growth, the Ajman Free Zone offers novel facilities and privileges that enable companies to realize exceptional return on investment. Besides that, AFZ offers myriad lucrative benefits for members, including:

  • 100 per cent ownership of company/establishment
  • Effortless transfer of capital as well as profits
  • Competitively-priced leases
  • Exemption from a variety of taxes and duties
  • Reasonably priced provisions and services
  • Access to cost-effective labour
  • Turnkey counter service for executing various transactions

Ajman Free Zone provides helps customers set up with a variety of services aimed at facilitating an easy set up process. Among the various services on offer is assistance with visa delivery, authorization, passport release for employees, extension of passport released for employees, and passport release for company owners, which includes aid with applicable forms.

The licenses on offer in the Ajman Free Zone are divided into five broad categories, namely, Business Licenses, E-Commerce Licenses, Service Licenses, Industrial Licenses, and Offshore Licenses.

  1. AFZ offers four types of trade licenses, which are issued to authorize the establishment of businesses in the free zone
  2. As the name suggests, e-commerce licenses are for entities that wish to engage in electronic trading activities. It also includes technical and marketing support for investors.
  3. The national industrial license is meant for investors who engage in manufacturing activities in UAE in accordance with Ajman’s manufacturing policies and environmental standards
  4. Service licenses are issued to investors who provided services such as marketing, IT, and management consultancies, etc. within the free zone
  5. Members desirous of establishing an ongoing company can get the certificate of incorporation (COI), which enables them to run their business only outside the state and not within the Ajman Free Zone

AFZ offers various packages to enable a seamless and cost-efficient process of setting up in the Free Zone, including Smart Offices Packages, Executive Offices Packages, and Business Center Packages. Depending on the package selected and the number of activities opted for by the investor, the cost of setting up in AFZ can range between AED 27,150 and AED 79,670.

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