Maids Visa in Dubai

Need a housemaid in Dubai and don’t know how to sponsor one? Dubai Business Advisors (DBA) can help you with the entire process. Given below is a complete know-how about Maid Visa Dubai!

Maids Visa in Dubai: All You Need to Know

Need a housemaid in Dubai and don’t know how to sponsor one? Dubai Business Advisors (DBA) can help you with the entire process. Given below is a complete know-how about Maid Visa Dubai!

Maid’s Visa Dubai is required for sponsoring Residency Permit for maids, nannies and domestic help in UAE. It is basically the government’s approval for coming and working as a maid in UAE. Housemaid Visa Dubai should be applied directly from immigration. It is valid for 1 year.

Key Points Before Sponsoring a Maid in Dubai

Following pointers are the basic rules to apply for a maid visa in Dubai.

  1. The sponsor should be the head of the family, whose income should be minimum Dh 50,000- 60,000 annually + accommodation.
  2. Bachelors are not eligible to be the sponsor a maid in UAE.
  3. You can sponsor a maid from India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Indonesia only.

Step by Step Process for Maid Visa Dubai

For a maid’s visa or a nanny visa Dubai, the sponsor has to apply for the following in the given order.

  1. Residence visa or employment permit, to enter Dubai.
  2. Medical fitness exam after entry into UAE, after arriving in Dubai.
  3. Residence Stamp on the maid ‘s passport.
  4. Application for Emirates ID.
  5. Domestic work card issuing.

Documents required for Maid Visa in Dubai

Documents required to apply for house maid’s residence visa in UAE are-

  1. Salary certificate of the sponsor in Arabic (for government employee). Labour contract of sponsor in case of private employee
  2. Accommodation-attested tenancy contract by Ejari (at least two-bedroom apartment is mandatory).
  3. Passport copy of the sponsor
  4. Photocopy of maid’s passport
  5. Passport size photographs of the maid.

How to Enter Dubai

  • For the Maids’ residence visa, an Entry Permit is essential. For the entry permit, you need to go to the authorised typing centre to get a maid visa application typed.
  • Application should be submitted to the Immigration and Customs office at the airport, or to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), Dubai.
  • You will have to pay AED 2000 as a deposit. This amount is refundable in case of cancellation of maids’ visa.

When the process is complete, you are required to send the original copy of the Residence Visa to the maid.

Once the Maid reports in UAE, further processes will be required, the details of which are mentioned below-

Maids Visa Procedure after Entering in Dubai-

After entering UAE, the maid should appear for fitness test within 30 days of arrival in a government recognised Medical Centre in Dubai. Standard costs of fitness tests is to be paid. The result of the test will be sent to DNRD electronically.

  • Then visa application, medical fitness and the Emirates ID stamped application is required to be submitted to the GDRFA.
  • A contract must be signed by the sponsor and the maid.
  • Then you will receive a domestic working identity card for the maid. You need to show the Residency stamp to receive the Emirates ID card.

Housemaid Visa Renewal Requirements Dubai

  • The visa needs to be renewed annually.
  • The standard fee for maid’s visa renewal needs to be paid at the GDRFA.

Cancellation of Maid’s Visa

For cancelation, you will need a residency cancel form typed and submit it to the GDRFA. You will get 2 cancellation receipts. One should be given to the maid to show at the time of immigration. You will need the other to get your deposit refunded.

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