According to a start-up accelerator, roughly, one out of twenty start-ups is a success.

Market research enables your firm to adopt a systematic approach. Errors are minimized because all the data is based on concrete information and there is no room for guesswork. We study all the alternatives and provide the option of selecting the most profitable one. In this way, decisions of high quality may be made and lesser risks are faced as resources are not wasted on unproductive areas.

Benefits of Market Research

  • Learn about all the components of the Market by getting reliable data
  • Analyze competitors and gain knowledge about their practices
  • Brand evaluation
  • Create cost-effective strategy or market entry
  • Explore prospective business expansion opportunities
  • Identify possible industry partners
  • Customized recommendations & report
  • Industry expert advice

Our Methodology for Market Research

ADAM conducts detailed industry, customer and competitor analysis in order to identify market opportunities. Our Research Team then assesses each of the opportunities, selects the optimal ones, and develops action plans for effective market penetration.

  • Association Analysis-
  • Canonical Correlation-
  • Cluster Analysis-
  • Conjoint Analysis-
  • Cross Tabulation-
  • Discriminant Analysis-
  • Factor Analysis-
  • Linear Regression-
  • Markov Chains-
  • Multidimensional Scaling-
  • Neutral Nets-
  • Non-linear Regression-
  • Time series Analysis-
  • Mystery Shopping- Gain invaluable insights about your business- from the customer’s perspective!

You can always trust us to deliver exceptional insights and advice based on the highest standards of research and consulting practice – for the decisions that really matter.

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