Our PRO Services and BPO Solutions

PRO Services

We provide full support for PRO support services through highly specialized in-house professionals making sure that your receive efficient, reliable and hassle free PRO Services:

What we offer
  • UAE Visa Assistance
  • Document Clearing
  • Document Attestation
  • Trade License Renewal & Modifications
  • Immigration Card Renewal
  • UAE ID card registration
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Driving License Renewal
  • Labour Card Renewal
  • Mail Collection
  • Product Registration

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We provide a time saving and hassle free service of visa application processing for those residing in and travelling to and from the UAE with a same day processing service for visa applications.
With our in house legalization and translation specialists we reduce the processes and costs involved providing our clients with efficient and cost effective services. Our promise of complete transparency means you will be furnished with a detailed breakdown and receipts.

We provide application processing services for New Visa Applications, Stamping as well as Cancellations of:

Our Comprehensive BPO Solutions offers you an approach that provides cross functional services to your entire organization. Through our trusted associates , we provide you with complete turnkey solutions for your business beyond any single function or project so you do not need to look around.

Our BPO Solutions include
  • Product Registration
  • HR Solutions
  • Payroll Solutions
  • Accounting & Book Keeping Solutions
  • VAT Solutions

All your document processing is hassle free with our cost effective  Annual PRO Plans where we collect and deliver documents to your office, after clearing from Government Departments of Immigration, Labor, Economic and Municipalities

Our Corporate Services for Bespoke Annual PRO Plans include;
  • Approvals from Ministry and Government Departments
  • Assistance for all Government and Semi Government Departments
  • Attestation of Import/Export Documents
  • Company Registrations
  • Chamber of Commerce / Foreign Affairs / Ministry of Justice Notary
  • Consular Affairs
  • Document Clearance / Document Writing / Document Processing in Labour / Immigration / Economic & other Government Departments
Premium PRO Services for Corporates:

Our computerized client database system stores all essential information including renewal dates for all your personal and company licenses, visas and registrations. With our renewal reminder service, free updates on the latest Government initiatives, rules and regulations and one point of contact, you can be assured that we will act for you on time and avoid you incurring any penalties, allowing you to focus on your core wealth creation activities.

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