Why Office Fit-out is Crucial to Success in Business?

You might not believe but it’s true that the décor and dynamics of your workspace can greatly influence your employees’ work productivity levels. While a sullen, unsmiling ambience of your workspace can take the staff down the dumbs resulting in low work efficiency, an unreasonably done interior can distract them as well. The chosen artwork and other decorative items must be in line with the inspirational themes to keep staff on point, focused, and enthused. An ideal office is a perfect fusion of tangibles and intangibles! A place where lights, acoustics, décor theme, splashes of colour, ergonomic comfort, culture and values live in perfect harmony with walls, doors, furniture, equipment, décor items, stationery and appliances while toeing the official line.

A well-planned workspace is something!

Your office is the place where you spend most of your time after home. It’s your second home indeed and should not be any less than a utopia for you and your employees! Plus, if you hate gloomy figures, it is important to embrace anything that makes your office cheerful. Of course, a general aesthetic appeal is vital but more important is that your workspace reflects your company values. And a fit-out company in Dubai is the answer for sure. Whether you are opening a brand-new office, revamping the old one or wondering to expand the existing workspace, commercial fit out companies in Dubai can help you design an office that checks all the boxes.

Why an all-inclusive office?

Gone are the days when a few chairs and tables loaded with a desktop, a calendar pen holder, a landline phone and some bits and bobs were called the office. Your office is way more than walls, furniture and some equipment today. It’s your home away from home! Now that we are talking “home” allow us to take you to your home for a moment or two. A home is a place where you can be yourself and you deck it up with everything that gives you comfort. Every single thing there has a purpose. Even a magnet on your refrigerator, gifted by someone special as a souvenir, is there to hold the drawings of your kiddo. You can’t stand a bed without a bedside table featuring multiple drawers. After all, that small table is a big home to your wallet, phone, charger, eye drops, vitamin pills, water bottle, keys and whatnot. Also, don’t you hate getting up from your bed at night just to turn off or on the light? The switch must be right next to you where you sleep. Plus, you can’t imagine your life without your AC or TV remote control devices. Amenities are gratifications, and you can’t imagine your life without them because not only do they make your life comfortable, easy and happy, but also save your valuable time and effort. And the catch is… so is with your office. Just like your home, your workspace also has all things meaningful and cheerful. Ergonomic, bespoke, state-of-the-art furniture, all-in-one office essentials, trendy coffee machines, in-house café, plenty of well-equipped meeting rooms and private pods and even games rooms and gyms have become essentials for workplaces. Companies that want the most from their employees know how crucial it is to have a workspace that makes them all feel joyful as well as efficacious. Today, there is no room for the idea of keeping employees leashed to office desks. A perfect office is fun and lets everyone working there enjoy the space.

Furthermore, working in an office that is just a wall enclosure featuring just the basic needs is such a drag. But should you really care if your workers are not feeling themselves while working for you? I think you should. Because it’s them who run your company, whether they are at the middle level or senior level. Their strength, commitment, dedication and emotional connection with the organization cannot be judged or assessed in monetary values, making them invaluable and intangible assets. A well-equipped, perfectly fit-out office makes employees feel that their employer care about their needs. And they return the gesture by working as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of having a perfect office in Dubai

Most of the offices are dystopias in the tradition of Brave New World because the office owners are living under the rock when it comes to the advantages of having a trendy office spruced up from head to toe with everything comfy and pleasing. Do you know, warmer yellow or orange lights tend to be better for relaxing, whereas cooler blue and white lights are good for working, waking up, and concentrating? Not just lighting, but temperature and colours also play a similar role. If these three often-neglected features can put this much impact on your staff, imagine the influence of other big-little things. It should be designed in such a way that you love spending time there. A workplace lacking ambiance can negatively impact the productivity of employees. A well-thought-out workspace can make it more comfortable for people to finish assignments more quickly and efficiently, perform together more cooperatively and creatively, and have a positive effect on their health, mental wellbeing, and engagement. A perfectly fit out office brings with it a cartload of benefits to enjoy, such as:

  • It communicates your personality as a business person and determines first impressions
  • The well-placed design elements of your workspace serve not only to relax interviewees but also to conjure up the perfect icebreaker while meeting with a new prospective client
  • It facilitates better collaboration amongst teams from a variety of departments of your company. They get a perfect environment to share solutions and ideas effectively
  • Offices that sport a useful design can adapt to a wide variety of ways for staff to perform their duties
  • Workspaces that are decked up with flexibility in mind will let employees work flexibly, adapt, change as per the situation and surroundings, and steer clear of distractions and monotony
  • A pro office amplifies the morale of employees and ensures their well-being by accommodating their individual working styles
  • Positive change in your workplace can increase productivity by at least 20%
  • With a functional office layout design, it becomes easier to oversee employees from different departments
  • It also becomes more painless to pass on information to the employees when the need arises
  • In a Dubai-like city where the mercury doesn’t hesitate to go beyond 40 °C, an immaculate office is no less than a Shangri-La for employees who are commuting from far and wide in the scorching heat changing means of transport

Fit-out companies in Dubai

Home to the world’s tallest and most beautiful architectural marvels, Dubai is infamous for its world-class buildings and infrastructure. The city is a closely-knit, pro-business hub that bridges the East with the West. Companies from across the globe can make the most of the emirate’s strategic positioning on the world map, as well as the intelligent infrastructure and business-friendly laws. If you can’t have an awe-inspiring office in Dubai, I don’t know where you can? While there are numerous fitted office spaces in the metropolis, those who are planning to tailor-make a shell-and-core unit can employ the services of fit-out companies in Dubai or simply approach Adam Global, one of the best business formation consultants in Dubai, UAE. Yes, with us by your side, you don’t have to go to office space companies in Dubai as we can help you find out not just the ideal location but also, a dreamy office space like one in “Up in the Air movie, whether it’s your first salon in Dubai or second digital marketing company.

Factors that decide a perfect office layout

Myriad factors affect the appearance of your perfect office layout. There’s no one-size-fits-all—just as your business is unique, so should your commercial fit-out match your cultural values, work styles, and the results you want to achieve. Before you decide what goes where ask yourself, is there a need to:

  • Enhance collaboration?
  • Accommodate large groups?
  • Expand the office space to function?
  • Improve company culture?
  • Have private, quiet areas in the workspace?
  • Have an office with an open layout, so the workers can freely move?

Taking these factors into account will enable you to realise the office layout that squarely fits into your people’s needs.

How Adam Global can help?

Not every business set-up company in Dubai, UAE can assist you with office fit-out solutions, but we do! Because when we say we are a one-stop-shop for all your business needs, we actually mean it. Anything business is our business! Whether you need professional assistance in finding a perfect location for your office, registration of your company or your office fit-out, you are covered at Adam Global Dubai.

In collaboration with our partner firms, we are able to provide turnkey solutions to your workspace’s interior layout design and Fit-out requirements. In addition to design strategy and concepts development, you may also avail of the art consultation and assistance in identifying, procuring materials and in the execution of interior, Fit-out works. From clinics and restaurants to beauty salons and spas, their expert designers and craftsmen are able to bring your vision into reality keeping your design preferences and the regulations laid out by respective regulatory bodies in view. Plus, our experienced and qualified team of Dubai business setup advisors, finance & accounting professionals, taxation & audit experts, PRO & visa specialists, IP lawyers and others are just a call away to help you take some of the most crucial decisions of your life during the course of your entrepreneurial journey in Dubai, UAE.

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