Business in Dubai for Indians

The United Arab Emirates’ 9.8 million strong population is predominantly concentrated in Dubai. The largest ethnic group (59.4% of the population) in the UAE are the South Asian professionals and entrepreneurs, with 38.2% of them being Indian.

Why is the UAE a popular destination for Indian business owners?

The UAE and India have enjoyed a long history of friendly cooperation, India’s human capital has contributed to the growth of the UAE’s private sector while the UAE continues to invest in India’s infrastructure. The government of Dubai has created a safe and luxurious environment for Indian families to live and prosper in for years to come.

Business in Dubai for Indians

The cooperation between the two major economies creates bilateral business opportunities for both Indians and Emiratis alike. With tariffs placed on Chinese imports in India, Indian traders use Dubai as a conveniently located trading hub with trader-friendly Free Zones and warehouses. Global trading for Indian investors is facilitated by multiple UAE seaports with access to the major African, Asian, and European maritime routes. On the other hand, the trade between India and the UAE is estimated to reach $100 billion USD by the year 2020.

The UAE and India’s affiliation also includes start-up promotion, digitization, energy, and other innovation-promoting initiatives.

Dubai’s start-up community is enjoying a period of:

  • New SME-friendly legislation
  • Government support and initiatives
  • An increase in investment capital
  • Eased bank financing

 The majority of our global clients come from India and we make it our priority to advise and assist them appropriately. Our goal is to ensure that you will get the return on your investment!

What is happening currently in Dubai?

  1. Dubai is the only city in the Middle East & South Asia region to rank in the top 10 of the Global Financial Centres Index in 2019 alongside New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, and Singapore.
  2. The UAE’s economy maintains competitiveness through disruptive technologies such as AI and environmentally-friendly innovations.
  3. Dubai welcomes artists and architects from around the world as part of the city’s cultural movement of introducing 550 new events, a new visa scheme, and a new Creative Free Zone
  4. You can now open a Virtual Company in Dubai and manage it from anywhere in the world
  5. The UAE is the fastest growing E-Commerce market in the Middle East!
  6. Dubai’s real estate sector is stabilizing after a period of oversupply

Which sectors and activities are popular for Indian investors in Dubai?

  • IT sector: cyber security, web development, IT maintenance, AI
  • Industrial sector: manufacturing, maintenance, and technical services
  • Transportation & logistics
  • Food processing, dining, and food retailing (grocery stores)
  • Energy sector: sustainable energy
  • Service provision (e.g. salon or home-based businesses)

What are the benefits for Indians of doing business in the UAE?

  • Low taxation.

There is only 5% VAT. No corporate, income, or personal tax in the Mainland; while Free Zones are completely tax-free!

  • One of the world’s best places for your family.

The UAE is one of the safest countries in the world, 96% of the residents in the UAE feel safe walking alone at night. The UAE boasts one of the highest standards of living in the world. Indian entrepreneurs are easily able to provide their families with visas and buy, rent or invest in property from a wide range of high-end housing communities or projects. Your children will be able to attend prestigious schools and universities with origins from across the globe. The UAE government implements educational initiatives to kick-start the careers or business ventures of young minds.

  • Full profit repatriation, there are no restrictions on sending your money back home.
  • Stable and reliable currency, the UAE dirham is fixed to the US dollar.
  • A community of entrepreneurs and professionals, the average person living in the UAE has Net Assets of nearly USD $99,000.

Who can help me become an Indian entrepreneur in the UAE?

Dubai Business Advisors are the UAE’s market entry specialists, for 17 years, we have facilitated thousands of entrepreneurs and multinational companies to start or incorporate their business across the nation!

Get in touch with us regarding business inquiries and how we can streamline the launch of your UAE business via:


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Our highest priority is ensuring your entrepreneurial success and creating a life-long partnership of prosperity and growth.

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