Business Setup in DMCC Freezone

DMCC was launched in 2002 to provide a unique platform for investors to showcase their trading capabilities in various commodities.DMCC also provides growth proposition oppurtunities to business setup in DMCC in diverse domains like agro, energy, financial services and so on.
Are you looking for business setup in DMCC free zone ? This Free zone has been recognized for the Global Free Zone of the year award from the Financial Times fDi magazine from the last two years in a row. The award winning company is ranked number 1 freezone. It has helped more than 15,000 companies ranging from multinational corporations to startups to achieve business goals and objectives. The amazing air, sea and road links makes it a perfect business setup or base to choose from. The business setup can be further extended to Dubai, UAE and beyond.
Here are some of the advantages of joining the DMCC Dubai community

There are various benefits of starting a company in freezone, especially in Dubai free zone:

Tax Exemption

No or 0% on income tax for all business

100 % business ownership

Local sponsar is not required, you retain 100% ownership.

A Residency visa will be granted for the company owner or shareholder.

Complete End to End Business Ownership

Being an outsider who is residing in an unknown territory, you have complete ownership of the company you are setting up and drive your business objectives going forward. You are the owner or the driving force of your business.

One Stop Destination for your Business Needs

As a DMCC member, you can easily access resources required to grow your business for the betterment of the company you are associated with.

Work and Contribute in one Vibrant Community

DMCC is home to 92,000 people who live and contribute in this lively environment. You can enjoy a high quality lifestyle with superb education, healthcare and basic facilities.

Services Provided by DMCC

DMCC provides wide range of services related to registration and licensing that includes simplified e-application process and improved client relationship. These services are available online on one integrated platform.

Commodity Services

DMCC supports commodity trading across certain commodity groups that include:

  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • Pearls
  • Tea
  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • Pearls
  • Tea

Financial Services

DMCC offers investors with financial products and provides well planned strategic joint ventures to achieve it.

Property Services

The one stop destination for trade provides businesses with two different options to choose from based on the requirements.

Business Setup in DMCC free zone

It becomes easy by associating with Free Zone where the teams of experienced professionals guide you through every step to get you up and running. The license type and business activities decided by you are submitted online by paying initial registration fee. The registration and license fee along with the legal documents are submitted to DMCC.The suitable office solution is provided to you within five working days once the relevant documentation is validated.

Open Branch of Existing Business

You can open a new branch in Free Zone by following the similar process elaborated above. Once the documentation is validated, you are free to carry your business operations in DMCC.

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