Ministry of labor and Immigration

Ministry of labor and Immigration

We take pride in highly skilled and experienced team of PROs (Public Relations Officers) to expedite clearance of all your company documents at the Ministry of Labour and Immigration.

We have deep-rooted, professional relationships with the Government Departments thus can facilitate clearance of your most difficult labour cases. We save you time, effort and money so that you can focus on your, revenue generating, core activities.

You can retain us on a convenient monthly retainer or pay on case by case basis. Retaining us guarantees preferential professional service.

Services includes following (but not exclusively).

  • Processing of employee Labour Card
  • Amendments in Labour Card
  • Renewal of Labour Card
  • Replacement of Labour Card
  • Cancellation of Labour Card
  • Processing of Labour Employment Contract
  • Amendment in Labour Employment Contract
  • Cancellation of Employment Visa
  • Processing of Employment Visa
  • Processing of Visit Visa
  • Processing of Transit Visa
  • Processing of Maid Visa
  • Processing of Residence Visa
  • Labor Card is most imperative for foreign nationals employed in UAE, as a proof of employment

  • Labor Card Detail Amendment for changing the details in approved Labor Card

  • Labor Card Renewal for companies wishing to renew their Labor Cards

  • Work Contract Amendments for firms wishing to make alterations to their Work Contract

  • Replacement of Lost / Damaged Labor Card for companies wanting to replace their Labor Card

  • Cancellation of Worker’s Labor Card with or without consent of sponsor and for those whose Card has or has not been issued, inside or outside UAE

  • Cancellation of Worker’s Labor Card involved in labor dispute or having a contagious disease

  • Cancellation of Dead Worker’s Labor Card

  • Deletion of Worker’s Name who has left an organization for another or has been repeated

  • Deletion of Worker’s Name who has left an organization for another or has been repeated

Document Clearance for following Visas with

14-Day Service Visa intended for individuals on business or visiting UAE for no more than 2 weeks
Visit Visa for families, individuals and businessmen wishing to stay in UAE for more than 2 weeks, with validity of 60 days
Extensions of Visit Visas for a period of 30 days allowing visitors to stay in UAE for a total of 90 days
Multiple-Entry Visa for frequent visitors to UAE with non-renewable validity of six months
Conversion of Visit Visa into Employment Visa for individuals to reside in UAE for employment
Investor Visa issued for three years for foreign nationals intending to form partnership with a local resident
Residence Visa intended for persons planning to remain in UAE for an indefinite period of time either for employment or with relatives who sponsor them

Cancellation of Residence Visa by residents in UAE wishing to exit the country for an indefinite period of time
VIE Visa or Very Important Establishment Visa for employees of companies acknowledged as important by Community Section

Document Clearance for following Permits

Labor Supply Certificate vital for companies planning to bring in unskilled laborers from overseas
Labor Permit (Group / Individual) necessary for companies to recruit people from overseas, with approval from Ministry of Labor
Residence Permit for individuals employed or self-employed in UAE or residing under a sponsor
Entry Permit for foreign nationals to enter into UAE either for visit to or for other purposes
Work Permit for persons under relative’s sponsorship, essential for employment in UAE
Temporary Work Permit imperative for firms to recruit employees from other organizations with validity of 6 months
Work Permit Substitution for replacing an employee of an organization with another in the same organization within the validity period

Work Permit Amendment for altering the aspects of the Work Permit within the validity period

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