About JAFZA Offshore Companies

Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) is a free zone authority in Dubai which providing facility to setup offshore companies also. JAFZA offshore is also known as Dubai offshore.

JAFZA is conveniently located on the southwestern area of Dubai, Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) has its own set of rules and regulations and the main aim is to attract foreign investment into the country. Offshore companies allow you to operate your business independently without anyone’s interference.

JAFZA offers a very streamlined process for investors/entrepreneurs to register an offshore company in JAFZA.

Investors and entrepreneurs benefit from business flexibility, confidentiality and tax efficiency by registering a JAFZA offshore company.

Why JAFZA- Dubai Offshore

  • One of the most important advantages is that companies can purchase freehold properties without any kind of hassles and easily protect the anonymity of their property portfolio.
  • Offshore companies that come under JAFZA, provide 100% foreign ownership and do not require any local shareholding.
  • In UAE, offshore companies can hold a local bank account with multi-currencies.
  • Companies operating under JAFZA are not forced to disclose the shareholder and directors name in public register.
  • Fast incorporation and full repatriation of the profits and capital is another major benefit of investing in JAFZA.
  • 16 new companies are registered every month in JAFZA.
  • Another benefit is the UAE’s tax-friendly environment – no tax is levied on the corporate income of companies operating under JAFZA Offshore.
  • Operating cost of Jafza offshore is competitive.
  • Jafza Offshore can be used for your asset protection.


  • Dubai offshore companies are not allowed to do business inside UAE.
  • There is no residence permit under the Dubai offshore.


  1. Passport Copy of the Shareholder(s)
  2. Residence proof.
  3. Copy of Immigration/Employment Status.
    • Recent UAE Entry Stamp Page on Passport (For Non-Residents)
    • Visa Page Copy (For Residents)
  4. Proof of Address – Utility Bill, Telephone Bill.
  5. Shareholder(s) Profile – CV/ Resume (Most up to date).
  6. Bank Reference letter.
  7. Detail about the business activity
  1. Certificate of Incorporation of the holding Company [notarized and attested/ apostilled].
  2. Certificate of Good Standing of the holding Company [notarized and attested/ apostilled].
  3. Certificate of Incumbency of the holding Company [notarized and attested/ apostilled].
  4. Memorandum & Articles of Association of holding Company [notarized and attested/ apostilled]
  5. Board Resolution – Calling for the establishment of an IC or Offshore formation [notarized and attested/ apostilled]
  6. Power of Attorney [notarized and attested/ apostilled]
  7. Passport copy of the authorised signatory.
  8. Bank Reference letter.
  1. Passport Copy of the Director(s).
  2. Director(s) Profile – CV/ Resume (Most up to date).
  3. Director(s) Appointment Letter.
  1. Passport Copy of the Secretary.
  2. Secretary Profile – CV/ Resume (Most up to date).
  3. Secretary Appointment Letter

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