International Marketing Tips-Expanding your business overseas

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International Marketing Tips-Expanding your business overseas

Planning to expand your business overseas?

Here are a few tips to help you reach out globally.


Global Consultation

For businesses that are looking to relocate abroad, or to access an international market , the rewards can be enormous. However, going global could be a tricky transition. Here are a few tips to get your Business international with a positive start.



Market Research 

The importance of doing research cannot be underestimated. Cultural differences can have a huge impact on the business.

A successful business will take time to fully understand the preferences of the country in which they are planning to expand. Ideally the research will include a trip to the target country where you can meet local customers, carry out your market research and engage with other relevant professionals.

Competitive Landscape

Even in international marketing; don’t forget the basics that you know work in your home country. Find out what the competition is up to.

What gaps in the market have they missed?

What is the reason they haven’t addressed certain market segments?

What are their strengths and weaknesses?

What can be your USP?

Get Some Local Guidance 

Get advice from the local experts when it comes to marketing, as there would be culture difference which should be considered before planning your marketing strategy.


Customize your Digital Marketing for the Relevant Market

 In classic marketing, customers are segmented into groups with similar buying patterns. Marketers focus on trying to deliver the right message to that group of customers and hope for the best.

When we talk about Digital Marketing it must be understood that no two customers are exactly the same; there is no clumping, grouping, or general assumptions about what makes buyers buy. That is the essences and beauty of personalized digital marketing.

 Emerging digital marketing companies are developing tools, platforms, and strategies that have enabled retailers and brand leaders to reach their potential customers by using mobile technologies.

Just remember these 5 essential while driving a customized Digital Marketing Strategy for your company:

Digital Marketing is all about connections

Make sure you engage  people

Visuals are important

Remember the 80/20 Rule (Only 20 % of Customer will get engaged with your content)

Analyze and Adjust (What worked in 2017 will not work in 2018

So , if you are considering to expand your business overseas , why not sit down with me over a nice warm cup of coffee and map out an entire infrastructure.Don’t worry the coffee is on me.

You can also contact us either via call or email.

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