Top 5 Businesses in Dubai That Don’t Need Hefty Investment

We all live to make money, loads of money! And usually, people tend to choose the easiest way – an 8/9-to-5/6 job – to accomplish the goal of their life. But how many of them actually reach there? Not everyone is a professional like doctors, lawyers, software engineers and architects!

Setting up a business is difficult, but do you know what’s even more difficult? Working for others, for a little pin money. And if you think doing business in an expensive city like Dubai is an expensive affair and only wealthy people can strike the ball out of the park. Then you must keep reading this blog. Especially if lack of sufficient funds has been a monkey on your back for years, not letting you start the company of your dreams in Dubai. Because Adam Global, one of the leading business setup consultancies in Dubai, is going to reveal here 5 no-brainer business ideas in Dubai that are not money-suckers.

Cleaning Services

Our list of low-investment businesses in Dubai starts with Cleaning Services business. And it’s not hard to see why! The classy glassy city of the UAE can’t stand dust bunnies. This simply means, whether residential, commercial or industrial, demand for cleaners in Dubai will flatline only when the hell freezes over. To establish a cleaning company in Dubai, all you need is a small physical office, a handful of cleaners and of course, a cleaning business licence allowing the type of activity you’ve selected. The availability of cheap workers and the presence of a slew of SMEs and big corporates in the business-friendly city put a bow on the choice of business.

Home Delivery Services

It is hard to imagine a life without Zomato, Careem, Talabat and Uber Eats – We are so used to the luxury of getting things delivered to our doorstep these days that we are ready to pay the delivery charges but not to go out in scorching heat! Furthermore, the overworked expat population in Dubai does not have time to go to the store and get their stuff, whether it’s food or grocery items. Here comes the need for home delivery services. According to Statista Digital Market Outlook, about 31% of people in the UAE used online food delivery services in 2021, and the same is estimated to rise up to 32.7% in 2025. You might blame the pandemic for the growing user penetration in this segment of eServices, but even before the pandemic, KPMG found out that 60% of UAE food lovers use an app to order food, which is way more than US’s 18% crowd. All these numbers make it safe to say that your home delivery service business in Dubai is sure to attract thousands and that too without putting a dent in your bank account. And you don’t have to open a restaurant or catering company to be in the business of home delivery. Simply collect food from local restaurants and deliver it.

Content Writing & Copywriting/Digital Marketing Services

If there lives a wordsmith inside you, or you’re a digital marketing buff through and through, then this low-key business idea is just for you! Whether a supermarket or a kiosk, an eCommerce company, a beauty salon or a business setup firm, an airlines group or a hotel chain, a tech-based company or simply a daycare, every business, regardless of type or size, wants to gain that much-coveted spot on Google’s first page. And that’s where content writers and digital marketers come and make that happen. Furthermore, Dubai has no dearth of businesses that are always in need of expert content writers and marketers who are self-sponsored or freelancers, so they can get quality work without spending a fortune on maintaining an in-house content team. And the cherry on the top is you may start this business right from your home just by obtaining a relevant freelancer visa. Just a laptop, a solid Wi-Fi, a phone connection and Fanny is your aunt! I mean, your money is at your fingertips (literally!) Need I say more?

Bakery Supplies

Get yourself a handkerchief! Our next small-investment business idea is drool-worthy! A business of bakery production. If you are passionate about baking, then Dubai is the place to monetise your hobby. I mean, setting up a bakery business in Dubai can sugar your bank account as every man and his dog in the city is a sweet-lover, especially baked goods. After all, who can say no to cakes, cookies and donuts?! From wedding cakes, birthday and farewell cakes to pastries and cupcakes to donut boxes and cookie packs, bakery products have become a part and parcel of our lives, be it personal or professional. Get a business or freelancer licence/permit depending on the choice of the location you want to operate your bakery business from, buy a few pieces of bakery equipment, hire a helping hand or two, connect with bakeries in the vicinity and the world is your oyster! And yes, donut forget to send us a piece of your art fresh from the oven once your bakery shop is up and running (JK)!

Catering Business

The last one on our list of economical business opportunities in Dubai is Catering Service Business. Why? Because, neither do you need a dedicated shop in Dubai to conduct your catering business in Dubai nor do you require a hefty amount of capital to invest in inventory, unlike product-based businesses. Establishing a catering service just need you to have adequate space at your home for meal preparations. You can market the business on various online social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. without coughing up even a single dime. What’s more, be mindful of the packaging, the taste and quality of food and of course the speed of your service. If these three elements are taken care of, you don’t have to worry about marketing. Let the aroma of your food do the talking! Remember, the word-of-mouth publicity spreads like a wildfire.

Summing up

Home to about 90% expats from 190+ different nations worldwide, a carload of swoon-worthy tourist-luring attractions, more than 30 free zones, striking commercial spaces, world-class infrastructure, a gigantic pool of human capital and the whole jingbang, Dubai is every bit business-friendly brimming with tons of business opportunities! In this blog, I shared five of the most cost-friendly, easy-to-execute business ideas in Dubai. But I haven’t even scratched the surface. There are far more businesses you may establish in Dubai without breaking the bank. Ultimately, you need to find one of the best business formation specialists in Dubai such as Adam Global who can understand your needs and help you find the most suitable business activity that squarely fits your budget and goals. Our Dubai business advisors will be happy to give you exact cost estimates for business formation depending on the choices you want to make on your way while advising you on the best possible alternatives you would want to opt for considering your business needs. Book yourfree consultancy with any of our business setup consultants in Dubai at our office located in Gold & Diamond Park to know why Adam Global is the right business consultancy for business formation in Dubai on a budget!

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