Business Setup in KIZAD (Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi)

Why settle for less when you can have the whole nine yards while setting up a company in the UAE! And if you think that “Never settle for less for extraordinary outcomes!” is easier said than done? Then probably you must know what KIZAD has in its store for foreign investors!

KIZAD Free Zone

True that you don’t have to share more than half of your business ownership with an Emirati national or company now to set up a company in your favourite emirate of the UAE to conduct more than 2000+ activities. But is this the only benefit that you should look for? Then what are the benefits you may have your hands on when choosing a location for your business setup in the UAE? At KIZAD free zone you are sure to be spoilt for choices without costing you the earth!

Focused on promoting foreign investment and boosting the state’s economy, the UAE offers more than 40 multidisciplinary free zones to foreign investors from the world over, where they can have full ownership of their companies. And if your heart is set on Abu Dhabi, the hub for industrial development and economic growth in the region, for your new business setup, then you are in luck! Just like Dubai, the capital city of the UAE is home to eight free trade zones that cover multiple industries and sectors such as Food Processing, Polymers, Metals, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics and Oil & Gas, among others. And Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (called KIZAD for convenience) is one of the most popular free zones in Abu Dhabi for business setup. If you are an entrepreneur or potential business owner looking to form a company in KIZAD, here’s your guide to simplify the process.

Why establish a company in KIZAD?

Nestled smack dab in the Al Taweela area between Abu Dhabi and Dubai and naturally linked to Khalifa Port, KIZAD is a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ports. Known as a hub for integrated trade, logistics and industrial operations, KIZAD also takes pride in being one of the largest industrial zones in the Middle East. Those living in Khalifa City A can access this free zone easily. KIZAD master plan is devised to squarely fit all the necessities of manufacturing, trading and storage companies. Khalifa Port connects the free zone with more than 60 international destinations. Not just that, the free zone offers flexi-desks and offices to accommodate businesses operating any business activity. In addition, business setups in KIZAD free zone can benefit from no export tax and several customs exemptions on:

  • Joint venture companies
  • Imported raw materials
  • Imported machinery and equipment for production
  • Goods manufactured in UAE and then exported to most GCC countries

The one-of-its-kind special economic zone offers a facilitative business environment to help local entrepreneurs and promote foreign trade and investments in the emirate. Like other UAE free zones, KIZAD also has an independent Free Zone Authority (FZA), liable for granting free zone operating licences for companies to launch their business. But if you ask why should I choose KIZAD amongst others equally lucrative, then the answer is – KIZAD is the most cost-effective free zone solution for SMEs in the UAE, offering you all the major benefits you deserve. KIZAD encourages all kinds of business activities including manufacturing, logistics, trade and distribution. Offering affordable workspaces, offices and licencing options, KIZAD Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre (KEIC) is developed to support start-ups and other small-medium businesses. A trade licence from KIZAD ensures hassle-free business both locally and regionally, and it can be incorporated online within 24 hours. Offering one, two and three-year packages, KIZAD Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre (KEIC) enables you to set up your business with no deposits, letting you save up to 36% if you commit now. And the best part is the Abu Dhabi free zone offers one of the fastest free zone company registration processes in the UAE by issuing the free zone business licence in a matter of just 24 hours after the necessary approvals. Besides all these advantages, business formation in KIZAD lets you enjoy:

  • Complete foreign ownership of businesses
  • An instant and easy company registration process
  • Low-cost operational conditions
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • 0% import, export, corporate and personal taxes
  • No VAT within the free zone
  • Cost-effective commercial spaces
  • Profitable packages tailor-made to meet different business requirements
  • Economical solutions to test the market
  • Possibilities to scale up to permanent facilities
  • All-out support services for acquiring required permits, licences, approvals and clearances from the relevant authorities
  • Easy access to the pool of skilled workforce and reasonable accommodation
  • Accessibility to Khalifa Port, one of the world’s most advanced deep-sea ports
  • Customised business facilities and geographical location
  • Strategic location of the free zone halfway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Khalifa Port is the first semi-automated, deep-water, container port in the GCC region.

Furthermore, if you are manufacturing in KIZAD then you can also enjoy its attractive tax conditions laid out for manufacturers producing goods in the free zone and re-shipping them to other countries. You are able to claim tax exemption on raw materials as well.

What is KIZAD Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre (KEIC)?

Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre is the creation of Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD) which has been brought to existence with an aim to nurture and grow the entrepreneurship and SME ecosystem in the UAE with inexpensive office and licensing options. Businesses can be established at the Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre starting at AED 13,000, in less than 24 hours. Decked up with thousands of workstations and free zone offices, the Centre welcomes start-ups, entrepreneurs, traders, SMEs and consultants from a wide array of sectors and has been launched as part of KIZAD’s support for Abu Dhabi’s economic vision.

As per the Ministry of Economy, more than 94% of the companies in the UAE are SMEs that absorb over 86% of the private sector’s manpower. “SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs are a key engine of a strong and diversified economy, creating jobs and driving innovation. “This is why we have established our Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre to support and nurture these businesses. Businesses can be set up in 24 hours and then connect with like-minded individuals to collaborate and innovate, all at a competitive cost. And, by taking up such a fast and cost-effective service, it means they can focus their two most scarce resources – time and money – on growing their business.”, says Mr. Samir Chaturvedi, KIZAD CEO.

What is the cost of KIZAD business formation?

The Johny come lately free zone in Abu Dhabi, KIZAD is one of the cheapest Free Zones in the UAE dotted with more physical facilities, especially for storage, production and distribution. One-year free zone trade licences, state-of-the-art, ready-to-move-in executive offices and shared workstations, eligibility for residence visas, access to telephone services, free internet and WiFi and so much more. KIZAD industrial zone is home to some of the highest quality warehouses amongst all UAE free zones. And the joy of joys is they do not demand high investments in order to move in and start working. And bonus? If you are renting an executive office, the trade licence is dispensed free of charge. Unsurprisingly, setting up a business in KIZAD is a treat for all your senses. Thanks to the competitive free zone business packages that the KEIC proffers! Let’s have a look at the KIZAD business setup packages below:

1 VISA PACKAGEAED 9,450AED 17,800AED 22,575
2 VISA PACKAGEAED 11,150AED 21,000AED 26,625
3 VISA PACKAGEAED 12,850AED 24,200AED 28,988
4 VISA PACKAGEAED 14,550AED 27,400AED 32,813

* Terms & conditions apply ** All fees are after discounts

The above-mentioned packages covers the followings:

  • Preapproval fees
  • Registration & licence fees are exempted by Abu Dhabi Government for 2 years
  • Annual workstation lease
  • Establishment Card fees

What business activities are allowed in KIZAD?

KIZAD free zone permits foreign business persons an extensive range of activities with its emphasis on the following sectors:

KIZAD free zone also allows service activities in connection with:

  • Freight forwarding support
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Travel agencies and many more

KIZAD licence covers 5 comparable business activities. The primary business activity will be added to your company name, for instance, XYZ Logistics FZE. Service activities need an educational degree as proof.

What is Dual Licence System in KIZAD?

Free zone companies operating in KIZAD can benefit from the Dual Licence system established by the region. The system enables the free zone establishments registered in KIZAD to obtain another licence from the Mainland Department of Economic Development (DED) AbuDhabi, without the requirement of a UAE national service agent or local sponsor. Such free zone companies holding the dual licence do not have to take additional physical office or tenancy agreement from the mainland. It is to be noted that the free zone licence must be renewed prior to the mainland licence annually. Branches of foreign companies can’t benefit from the concept. Below are the steps to avail of this advantage:

  • First and foremost, register the company in KIZAD free zone
  • After obtaining the free zone licence, acquire the No Objection Certificate (NOC) for getting the additional licence from the mainland

Adam Global Dubai, being the authorized Registered Agent of KIZAD, can complete the licensing process effortlessly for the investors.

How to set up a business in KIZAD?

Just three simple steps and there you go:

  • Choose a favourable licence package offered by KIZAD
  • Submit the required documents along with the trade licence application and make all the necessary payments
  • Collect your KIZAD free zone licence upon approval
  • Open corporate bank account

The process doesn’t take long and completes just withing 24 hours if all the requirements are met and paperwork is in order. However, the post-business setup steps might make you wait to start as a full-fledged company.

Paperwork for Company Setup in Abu Dhabi Freezone

  • Soft copy of passport size photo against white background
  • Coloured copy of passport
  • Current Visa (Visit Visa or UAE Residence Visa)
  • Arabic NOC from the current sponsor on the company’s letterhead with company stamp & sign in blue (applicable for UAE Resident)
  • Educational qualification degree certificate, attestation & translated in Arabic (for consulting & investment activity)
  • Duly filled-in licence application form

Meet us, your KIZAD business formation service provider in Dubai

Looking to set up a business in KIZAD free zone, Adam Global Dubai is the address to drop by. Our KIZAD business setup specialists can help you every step of the way, from identifying the right licence package to obtaining your KIZAD trade licence to figuring out the best international bank in the UAE for current account opening and appropriate business insurance. Usually, company formation in Abu Dhabi is an easy process, but unawareness of local laws and regulations may result in delays and unnecessary costs in the process. Our Abu Dhabi business formation consultants are experienced in dealing with the authorities, which makes the process of free zone business formation in Abu Dhabi much swifter. We are 24X7 open for your inquiries, comments and suggestions that may help us serve you in the best way. Book your free consultancy with us to know how can we help you get KIZAD free zone business licence.

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