5 Profitable Business Ideas for Ladies in Dubai

This blog is for ambitious women who are considering their options for starting a business in the UAE! As the title suggests, we will narrow down 5 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Women in Dubai!

1: Blogging

This is a popular choice, why so? It is a fun and creative way to make money while having the time to spare for your loved ones at home. Bloggers choose what their work schedules are and their revenue is decided by how captivating their writing style and content are!

blogging in DUbai

So once your blog is published on a guest blogging website or your website – you can then sit back, relax, and watch the money come in from all of the advertisement views and referrals (affiliate sales) to the products that you may promote.

If you are not a great writer yet, do not fret, a proofreader can help your blogs become more crisp and refined in the eyes of your readers. If you are a full-time employee with a heap of responsibilities at home, blogging could be your way out into a job with fewer working hours and more time for your husband and children!

There are even Blogs for Aspiring Bloggers, helping you start in what seems to be the uncharted territory of the world wide web! Dubai Business Advisors can assist you with acquiring a freelancer license or help you set up your home business in the UAE, Contact Us with your inquiries today!

2: Affiliate Marketing

The first idea brings us to Affiliate Marketing, this idea can be supplementary to your blog and become a new source of income. What is affiliate marketing? It essentially is you recommending products (AKA influencing) and receiving a commission from the sales brought in by your referrals!

Affiliate markwting in DUbai

You will be able to track each referral you bring through a unique code or link which will wire you your commission after you persuade a member of your audience to make a sale. Affiliate publishers of products can be individuals – or they can grow to become an affiliate marketing agency.

In any case, we can consult and assist you with becoming an affiliate marketer in the UAE, Send Us Your Inquiries and get a Free Consultation! Additionally, here is a step-by-step guide to affiliate marketing!

3: Fulfillment by Amazon

You can make money by trading products through Amazon’s Fulfillment Program. This business idea revolves around sourcing/buying products at cheaper rates and reselling them at a sweet margin on Amazon!

part time business in dubai

It is as they say ‘You sell it, [they] ship it’, their innovative fulfillment network provides UAE traders with affordable shipping, packing, as well as customer service capabilities. This e-commerce platform is a great way to upscale both your trading operations and market size during their initial stages.

With benefits like free 2-day shipping, no minimum storage requirements, and Amazon staff helping you handle details and focus on the main income-generating activities of your business. The FBA program is ‘pay as you go’ when it comes to the storage space and orders that they facilitate for you. If the shipping is not free the fees are included automatically, you can also opt for additional services.

You will need to provide:

  • A business name (trade name)
  • Address and contact details (including a phone number which can be used to contact you during the registration process)
  • Valid bank account with a billing address

Are you ready to sell on Amazon? If yes, start selling here, and here you can find their FAQ section.

To start your E-trader Business – get a Free Consultation and Receive PRO Assistance with setting up your e-commerce company today!

4: Bookkeeping

As a freelance bookkeeper, you will be responsible for recording financial transactions while also working from home. Many freelance bookkeepers have started with no experience, and have built their portfolio which can be used to get a Freelance Permit and Visa in the UAE!

Bookkeeping business in dubai

There are blogs on How Much You Should Charge for your bookkeeping services. There are 5 Types of Fee Structures among freelance bookkeepers:

  • Packages pricing
  • Custom flat fees
  • Value pricing
  • Prepaid time blocks
  • Hourly rates

As a freelancer, you will enjoy working for yourself, however, it is no secret that you will be responsible for your cash flow so we advise you to monitor your expenses while being transparent with your earnings to ease banking. Bookkeepers will do well with up-to-date records that will help you save money, time, and stress in the future. Once you gain traction as a freelance bookkeeper we advise you to hire a personal accountant to optimize your income and expenses.

For Management Consultancy, Freelance Permits, Visa Assistance, and Business Setup ServicesContact Us Today!

5: Rental Business: Baby Equipment

With the Expo 2020 just around the corner, Dubai’s tourism industry is gearing up for a boom of 25 million visitors who will need a variety of services to make their stay in the emirate both more pleasant and more comfortable.

part time business in dubai for ladies

Traveling families will need baby equipment, however, buying that equipment will be a waste of money – this is where you come in. You can rent out highly-requested baby equipment like portable full-size wooden cribs. The other equipment can be sourced online on websites such as Amazon, whether it be used on new. BabyQuip is a “quality provider” that can give you an insight into what kinds of equipment you can rent out to traveling families in Dubai. To learn how to start a baby equipment rental business, read the interview with the founder of BabyQuip and gain insight into this unique venture. For UAE business licensing information regarding a baby equipment rental business in the UAE,

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